Relationships at Christmas: Best Friends

Trending Beauty Edit: Caitlin and Best Friend Jack Relationship

Meet the real-life stars behind our Christmas campaign #LoveEscentual. Team Member Caitlin nominated her best friend, Jack to be the face of our trending beauty edit; his love for beauty and personal journey has inspired her and those around him. Here’s how Zoom, beauty and creativity have kept them connected this year…


About Caitlin

Trending Beauty Behind the story Caitlin

My name is Caitlin, and I’m a Communications and Campaigns Assistant at Escentual.


How has this year been different for you?

Caitlin: I started at Escentual a month before the main lockdown kicked in, and only worked in the office for 3 weeks before working from home. I completed my internship almost completely remotely, so it was adapting to a new job as well as a new way of life. I also usually see my parents and grandparents at least a couple of times a week, so it wasn’t easy going months without seeing them (but very grateful for face time!).


Caitlin on Christmas


What Christmas traditions do you have, and how will you be switching them up this year?

Caitlin: Usually, my Christmas day is spent between my mum’s, my dad’s and my fiance, Dylan’s family. We spend the evening at my mum’s where we do quizzes, games and all sorts of nonsense! Although we might not all be able to be together this year, I’m sure we’ll keep up the traditions via Zoom and have just as much fun as long as we can be virtually together if not the real thing.


Caitlin on Jack

Trending Beauty Behind The Relationship of Caitlin and Jack

Caitlin: Jack is my fiance’s brother and my best friend. He’s even the Maid of Honour at our wedding! Not in drag, thankfully for me – he’d by far upstage me!


Tell us about your relationship with them

Caitlin: As soon as Dylan introduced us to each other, we were instantly best friends. When Dyl and I lived at his mum’s, most days he would come home from work to find me and Jack snuggled up together watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Great British Bake Off or America’s Next Top Model (even though we were meant to be studying). We’d always make comments about the fact his girlfriend was in bed with his brother!


What have they done this year that has made you smile?

Caitlin: How creative he’s been!! Due to Covid, he had to leave London and was robbed of his last few weeks at RADA drama school and his graduation, but he never once complained and just accepted it. Over lockdown, he’s created endless incredible makeup looks, sewn the most amazing outfits, has written and virtually performed spoken word poetry with the Royal Court Theatre, and has most recently been chosen for an online Drag competition, The Top Banana Drag Pageant, and as part of this has raised £290 (so far) for the LGBT foundation.


Trending beauty behind the scenes of Caitlin and Jack


What’s the happiest memory you have with them?

Caitlin: We’ve been on a few family holidays together which are always so fun and so special. There are so many memories, but I’ll never forget our holiday to New York, especially the journey home as we were stuck in terrible traffic getting to the airport, and because we’d gotten there a bit last minute they upgraded us to business class; we were so excited!!


How do they make your Christmas extra special?

Caitlin: I’m so lucky to have a Christmas with my own family as well as with Jack, Dylan and their family. It’s so special to me being a part of their family and traditions. Dylan and Jack come with me to my parents’ just as I go to theirs; it’s so nice being so close.


What would you like them to know?

Caitlin: That I’m so proud of everything he is and everything he does; he inspires me. He’s a real superstar and my best friend, and I can’t wait to see all he achieves.


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