DSquared2 Green Wood: The Review

DSquared2 Green Wood Review

If I was tasked with creating a fragrance and a bottle that captured the theme of wood, I would struggle. But I could point you in the direction of a scent that’s captured it perfectly. And to me, that’s DSquared2 Green Wood Eau de Toilette.

DSquared2’s latest fragrance for men is inspired by the strong, sturdy and complex characteristics of wood. The scent opens with lively facets of citrus and spice – with an aromatic edge to it – before welcoming woody, resinous, musky and aromatic tones. To me, each note acts just like a groove in a block of wood; they add another layer to the fragrance.

So if you want to know what Green Wood smells like – and of course, learn all about the notes, bottle and longevity – read on…


The Smell:

Looking at the bottle, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that this Eau de Toilette would be instantly green, woody and aromatic. And although it mellows into a more woody-aromatic base, it offers a surprisingly fresh, invigorating and positive opening.

It shocked me when I first spritzed it; I got an instant shot of lemon. In fact, it almost reminds me of sharp, tangy lemon curd when I first breathe it in; but a more sophisticated, adventurous type of lemon curd that you’d taste in an innovative restaurant where they’ve added a splash of herbs and spices.

This quickly blends into an ultra-woody heart; it’s called Green Wood for a reason, after all!

As the scent continues to warm on your skin and mellows throughout the day, you get to enjoy a blend of sensual, seductive and elegant notes.

If you’re a fan of DSqaured2’s Wild, Green Wood could be your new favourite; there are a few similar elements, but it’s given a more citrus, aromatic twist. And for those familiar with Wood Pour Homme, you’ll recognise some notes – such as lemon and vetiver – but they’re given a mix-up here, resulting in a more woody-aromatic tone.


The Notes:

Fragrance Family: Woody-Aromatic.

The top notes are lemon, santolina and bourbon pepper. Lemon creates an ultra-fresh, zesty feel that becomes more vibrant and energetic as it contrasts with aromatic santolina. And bourbon pepper acts similarly to a sprinkling of pepper in your food; it enhances and enlivens the scent, adding another dimension to the fragrance.

The heart notes are cedarwood, vetiver and resin accord. These notes create a very woody, earthy tone that feels warm on the skin. At this stage, I like to imagine that I’m walking through a Canadian forest – walking past a pile of freshly cut wood.

The base notes are cypriol, ambrox and musk. When combined, these notes give a more sensual but comforting, wearable tone as the earthy-aromatic cypriol partners with warm and dry musky, amber tones.

 DSquared2 Green Wood Review


The Bottle:

The fragrance itself clearly celebrates nature, and so does the bottle, which also pays homage to the heritage of DSquared2.

The emerald green, curved glass bottle reminds me of the vibrant, luscious shades of a forest filled with conifer trees, while adding a more luxurious feel. The glass is held in a stylish velvet green box that adds a touch of elegance to the experience – and of course, reminds you that it’s a designer fragrance.

But, the thing I love most about the bottle has to be the unique hand-crafted ash cap; it ensures the finest quality, and it subtly nods to the theme of nature. The midnight-black cap allows the natural grain of the wood to shine through, and it’s embossed with the iconic Maple Leaf to pay homage to Canada, where the twin brothers behind the brand, Dean and Dan Caten, were born and raised. And a final touch, it’s magnetic, so it jumps back into place with a ‘click’ – it’s so satisfying!


Is Green Wood Unisex?

I’m a huge fan of the feminine, fruity-floral counterpart to Green Wood; Red Wood is fresh, sparkling and magnetic. But I must admit that Green Wood gives it a run for its money.

Green Wood is marketed as a fragrance for men, but we’d always encourage you to buy a fragrance that you love – no matter who it’s aimed at.

The lemon note adds a more uplifting universal tone that doesn’t feel the need to scream ‘masculinity’, so I think anyone could wear it. However, its woody-aromatic base makes it feel like more of a traditional masculine fragrance.

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How Long Does Green Wood Last?

With an Eau de Toilette, you’d expect it to last at least two to three hours. But for my family and me, Green Wood certainly surpassed that. It definitely mellows quite quickly, but I could still pick up the delicate, addictive base scent over six hours later.

And if you really want to intensify and prolong this scent, layering it with an ancillary product is necessary. Thankfully, DSquared2 offers an aftershave balm, deodorant and shower gel so you can enjoy the aroma in a variety of ways.


What Other People Think of Green Wood:

Name: Jon Avetoomyan
Age: 57
Relationship: Father

If you had to describe it in three words, it would be: “Clean, fresh and subtle.”

Describe Green Wood in more detail: “I get a pepperiness straight away, but it mellows quickly. I definitely get woody tones coming through after that.”

Where would you wear it? “I think it would be great for work. It’s ideal for daytime wear, and you could easily wear it every day. I would say it’s more of a masculine fragrance, although it would be suitable for anyone who wants a fresh, clean scent without having to go down a floral route.”

What do you think it smells similar to? “I can’t think of a specific fragrance that it reminds me of, but it feels like walking through a forest in springtime, or the smell of freshly cut timber.”


Name: Jenny Avetoomyan
Age: 56
Relationship: Mother

If you had to describe it in three words, it would be: “Fresh, alpine and light.”

Describe Green Wood in more detail: “It feels very invigorating at first but then feels very woody. I definitely think the colour of the bottle and the name match the scent well.”

Where would you wear it? “I think it’s more of a masculine scent. It’s the sort of fragrance you’d spray on after you’d showered or exercised when you want to feel refreshed.”

What do you think it smells similar to? “It’s like walking through a woodland after it’s rained.”


Why Is Green Wood Escentual?

Fragrance is a part of our heritage and, just like Dan and Dean Caten are celebrating their heritage through the subtle hints to their Canadian upbringing in the Green Wood bottle, we love to add to our heritage and passion for fragrance by bringing you an exciting range of fragrances.


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