The Best Styling Products For Men, Chosen By Men

The Best Male Styling Products: Sachajuan Hair Paste, Jack Black Pure Science Clay Pomade, Acqua di Parma Barbiere Beard Serum

With barbers closed, some of the men at Team Escentual have been relying on hair and beard styling products now more than ever. For some, their favourite styling product has to tame hair that’s in desperate need of a trim, while for others their chosen grooming product is there for those days when they want to feel a little bit more ‘put together’, particularly days when they have virtual meetings.

So, we asked Richard, Ben and Matthew to reveal the fuss-free male styling products that they’ve been turning to. Read on to find out their highlights…


1. The Texturising Paste For Short Hair

Best male styling products: Sachajuan Hair Paste

Richard, Merchandising Manager

What You Need To Know:
• Suitable for all hair types – but it’s ideal for thicker, shorter styles
• Creates texture and shine
• Offers strong and flexible hold
• Vegan and cruelty-free

Why Richard Loves It:

The Sachajuan Hair Paste is perfect for a quick fix in the morning or for more ambitious shorter styles. My hair is getting just a little longer than it should be for this paste but I love it so much that I can’t stop using it! The scent is really pleasant – even my wife commented saying it smelled nice – but for me, the best thing about this versatile little pot of hair paste is just how far it goes.

I can’t remember how long I had my first pot for because it’s so long-lasting, but as soon as it did run out, I knew about it and was desperate to replace it! I’ve tried a few similar hair styling products to Sachajuan’s hair paste but I always keep coming back to it; it gets the job done with no-nonsense, which is exactly what I look for when it comes to hair care.

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2. The Shine-Enhancing Beard Serum

Best Styling Products For Beards: Acqua di Parma Barbiere Beard Serum

Ben, Merchandiser

What You Need To Know:
• Tames, softens and protects facial hair
• Helps to maintain a healthy, hydrated and tangle-free beard
• Non-oily, lightweight texture

Why Ben Loves It:

I recently decided to try and grow my beard; so far it’s been about 4 weeks… I made the decision on a whim, without realising the upkeep that goes into keeping beard hair looking neat and healthy.

When growing a beard, it’s easy for it to become grungy and unkempt (especially first thing in the morning!) as most beards grow outwards. About 2 weeks in, I started to notice split ends and it became wiry and unruly, so I decided to try the Acqua di Parma Beard Serum – and it’s worked a treat! It quenches each strand, hydrating from root to tip.

I’ve noticed a difference in the shininess and softness of my beard since using it, and it’s so much easier to work with in the mornings. Another benefit is that a little goes a long way; you only need one or two pumps a time. Oh, and it smells amazing! If you want a sleek, healthy beard, then I cannot recommend the Acqua di Parma Beard Serum highly enough!

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3. The Premium Clay For Lasting Hold

Best Styling Products For Men: Jack Black Pure Science Clay Pomade

Matthew, Operations Director

What You Need To Know About The Jack Black Pure Science Clay Pomade:
• Buildable control
• Strong, natural-looking hold
• Matte finish
• Packed with natural ingredients known for their cleansing, soothing and hydrating properties

Why Matthew Loves It:

When I have key meetings at work, or when I’ve had an evening event to attend and want to look my best, I like to use a fuss-free hair product that gives superior hold.

The Jack Black Pure Science Clay Pomade is my go-to; you only need to run a small amount through your hair to get a hold that lasts all day The non-greasy texture doesn’t weigh hair down and leaves a natural, matte finish that looks styled without looking overdone.

Even though it’s slightly more expensive than other hair clays and waxes, I don’t mind paying a premium for it because it works exactly as I like my hair product to – plus, a little goes a long way!

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