New and Noteworthy Beauty Technology Inspired By Hardworking Materials

Beauty Technology Inspired by Hardworking Materials:

Whenever I’m writing about perfume, I always try my best to find something in the real world to compare the scent to; it might be another perfume, it might be a place or a plant, or it might even be a type of food or drink. Why do I do this? Because often, the best way to understand something is by comparing it to something we’re familiar with.

Following on from this thought, it seems as though the mainstream beauty industry is starting to follow suit; it’s making beauty more accessible by harnessing the power of tangible technologies or items.

So, for my second technology edit in this series, I’ll be looking at some of the latest innovations which I think are best understood when compared to hardworking materials we all know well. But you’ll have to read on to find out more…


1. Magnets – It’s All About Attraction

Beauty Technology Inspired By Hardworking Materials: Magnet

The Material: So, it would be cruel if I didn’t dive straight into one of the most exciting beauty trends I’ve noticed recently, which actually uses a hardworking material – so without further delay, I’m starting off with magnets. Of course, I’m sure some of us will remember your school days, when the teacher would drag out trays of magnets and we’d learn how they work, what objects around the classroom were magnetic, and try to defy the laws of attraction. Although it might have seemed magical then, the science can be simplified into one short phrase; magnetic objects attract or push away other magnetic objects.

Spotlight On: We all know that the bottom line is that magnetic objects can attract or repel other magnets – and it’s the force of attraction that beauty and skincare innovators are tapping into.

One of my favourite skincare products using magnets at the moment is the PAYOT magnetic face mask. It pairs a magnet with a deep black magnetite-rich face mask formula that’s suitable for all skin types. But how does it work? You simply apply the rich, textured mask to your complexion, wrap the magnet up in a tissue – and consider this your warning that the tissue can’t be skipped – and smooth the magnet over your skin. The mask quickly and effectively lifts away from the skin as the magnet attracts the magnetite-rich formula – and in doing so, it traps and removes surface dirt and impurities. The purifying mask leaves skin radiant, even and younger-looking; what more could you want?

As much as I love this mask, Benefit’s latest launch – They’re Real Magnet Mascara – deserves just as much of a mention. I’m sure lots of us look for a mascara that offers intense length and lift, which is exactly the inspiration behind this mascara (which has had us all excited at Escentual, as soon as we heard about Benefit’s latest addition).

Following on from the trend of magnetic lashes – which sound amazing on paper, but are sometimes too tricky and fiddly in reality – Benefit’s new magnetic mascara fills the gap for anyone wanting to make the most of magnetic technology, while still being able to rely on more traditional mascara format. This innovative, tech-driven mascara features a magnetic core, so the heart of the wand is charged to attract the formula. The deep black, magnetic mineral-enriched mascara formula is drawn towards the wand’s magnetic core as you apply, so you can pull your lashes up and out beyond the tips of your lashes. But don’t worry, it still offers the lightweight, easy-build, smudge-free and flake-free finish we’ve all come to expect from Benefit.


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2. Mesh – It’s All About The Support

New Beauty Inspired By Materials: Mesh Technology

The Material: The next skincare trend that I’ll be focusing on is mesh-like technology. Of course, I’m yet to see any actual mesh material used in skincare, but the term is definitely starting to trend as a form of technology. So, I’m sure we’re all familiar with mesh; no matter its purpose, mesh is a type of fabric or metal with a consistent pattern, often used to support or protect everything from infrastructure to livestock.

Spotlight On: Dermalogica’s Neck Fit Contour Serum is powered by flex lift contour technology, which Dermalogica compares to an ‘invisible mesh’. This unique technology acts just like a support system for your neck as it helps to lift and tighten the area. Although this invisible technology works behind the scenes, you can almost picture a thin mesh covering the neck to hold, lift and tighten the area. The technology also smooths skin, while forming a layer of protection against pollution, which is known to lead to premature signs of ageing.



3. Cogs – It’s All About The Fit

New Beauty Launches Inspired By Cogs: Image of cogs in a petri dish

The Material: So, for the last form of technology I’ll be focusing on, I’ll be using the analogy of cogs; they’re often used to keep things in motion, or to power infrastructure. But the main thing that comes to mind when I picture cogs is the seamless, flawless way they fit together. They’ve been designed to always fall neatly into place just at the right moment, and they have to be perfectly in sync to do so.

Spotlight On: This idea of cogs fitting neatly together is, I think, a great way to view the Synchro Skin collection by Shiseido as it falls into sync with your skin. You may be familiar with their self-refreshing formulas, which are driven by Responsive Sensory Technology to adapt to the skin’s condition, tone and texture for truer illumination; it’s almost like the formula is a cog that ‘fits’ your skin.

Although I could talk about these formulas all day long, I know that you all really want to know about Shiseido’s latest releases. One example is their weightless Synchro Skin Soft Blurring Primer, which syncs seamlessly with all skin tones and features loads of exciting tech – although I won’t cover it all here; there’s just too much! But one highlight is Sebum Catch Powder; this powder and your skin can be pictured as a cog mechanism as the powder continuously absorbs oil and sweat throughout the day; it recognises with your skin’s needs to create a lasting enhanced, non-shiny finish. Oh, and it helps to prolong your makeup’s wear in doing so, meaning you can flaunt that perfected look for longer!


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