Shiseido Ginza Eau de Parfum Review

Shiseido Ginza Eau de Parfum

Shiseido Ginza Eau de Parfum is a deep and addictive floral fragrance for women that contrasts between petals and woods with an alluring result.


The Most Important Thing About This Product Is…

Shiseido Ginza is an instantly intoxicating aroma that celebrates strength and femininity. It’s vibrant in its execution and will boost your mood while making a statement.

The Eau de Parfum opens with a sweet fruitiness thanks to juicy pomegranate, before the sharp warmth of pink peppercorn cuts through. Ginza has a floral bouquet at its heart which blends the elegant notes of jasmine, freesia and magnolia with sumptuous Japanese orchid flower for a tanalising effect that’s truly addictive. These delicate and gentle petals are sharpened with hinoki cypress – an ancient sacred cypress wood native to central Japan – before welcoming in the deep earthiness of patchouli and sandalwood. It’s a unique cocktail of sometimes paradoxical facets, just like the woman who wears it.


You Will Love This If…

If you like your florals bold and with an edge, you’ll love Shiseido Ginza. It’s both sophisticated and youthful, maintaining a grown up elegance amidst the uplifting and joyful aroma.


Shiseido Ginza Smells Similar To:

It’s been said that Ginza Eau de Parfum has similar floral vibes to Yves Saint Laurent Belle d’Opium but the orchid and woods give this a deeper twist.


Is La Dompteuse Encagee Unisex?

The floral Eau de Parfum is definitely more on the feminine side.


What’s The Longevity Like?

The Shiseido Eau de Parfum has powerful longevity; it lingers beautifully on the skin.


What’s The Story?

From the noses of Karine Dubreuil and Maïa Lernout, this feminine fragrance has been inspired by the lively soul of Ginza, a glamorous district in Tokyo. It perfectly captures the vibrancy and elegance of this spirited place, while celebrating the woman who reclaims her femininity. It’s an ode to the woman that is subtle yet intense, delicate yet strong, with its inspiration rooted in Japanese tradition and the samurai creed: “I have no magic power, I make my personality my magic power.”


What’s Special About The Bottle?

Constance Guisset is the designer behind this sleeky, edgy and beautiful bottle. The striking design is cut from a single block of glass; a black dagger is plunged through the bottle in a poetic reference to the samurai and a symbolic reminder of the inner strength in every woman. The blush pink juice shines through the curved glass, it’s a reimagination of what it means to be feminine.


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