Tisserand Aromatherapy Happy Vibes Diffuser Oil Review

Tisserand Aromatherapy Happy Vibes Diffuser Oil Review

Like sunshine in a bottle, the Tisserand Aromatherapy Happy Vibes Diffuser Oil will transform your living area into a happy haven and allow you to embrace a feeling of joyful positivity and happiness.


The Most Important Thing About This Product Is…

A sure-fire way to spark joy and lift your mood, the Happy Vibes Diffuser Oil will put a smile on your face using the powers of aromatherapy. Containing an uplifting blend of lemon tea tree, bergamot and nutmeg, this citrus-scented blend of 100% pure essential oil will help to brighten your day.


You Will Love This If…

We all have down days, and if you need a little helping hand to give your mind a pick-me-up, then you’ll love the joyful and positive vibes created by this diffuser oil. It fills your environment with a zesty and uplifting scent, and I love using it in the mornings to start the day with a fresh and positive outlook.


Hero Ingredients:

The Happy Vibes oil is a trio of 100% natural pure essential oils, which are each renowned for their mood-lifting abilities. The zesty lemon tea tree oil helps to uplift the mind and stimulate the senses, which is perfect for easing tension to wash away worries. Bergamot oil is known to quell anxiety and frustration to soothe the emotions, while warming nutmeg helps to evoke a feeling of calm contentment.


What Does It Smell Like?

The diffuser oil has a light, citrusy aroma – thanks to lemon tea tree and bergamot – but the inclusion of nutmeg gives it a subtle spicy warmth.


How Do You Use The Product?

Add 6 to 8 drops of the Happy Vibes Diffuser Oil to your burner, aroma spa or diffuser and let the tranquil aroma fill the air.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

The compact glass bottle has a sunshine-yellow label that reminds you of its joy-lifting abilities, and is also recyclable.





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