Ghost Orb of Night Eau de Parfum Review

Ghost Orb of Night Eau de Parfum Review

Fans of Ghost, listen up! An all-new crescent has graced the night sky, and trust me; you’ll want to know all about it if you’re a fan of warm, rich and seductive scents.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Ghost Orb of Night, a sensual yet sophisticated Eau de Parfum for women, which blends a range of woody, floral and oriental notes with absolute skill.

Ghost Orb of Night Review


The Most Important Thing About This Perfume Is…

Ghost’s certified vegan fragrance for her opens with an instantly alluring tone as cherry-almond flirts with sparkling mandarin and sunny bergamot for a fleeting fruitiness before the beating heart of treasured white florals blossoms; delicate freesia dances with honeyed orange blossom, sweet ylang-ylang and heady jasmine. Finally, a feeling of richness, cosiness and undeniable sensuality floods the base as sweet and smooth caramel is drizzled over a base of warm, soft sandalwood, slightly earthy ambergris and delicate yet seductive white musk. Trust me; the base notes are to die for!
Ghost Orb of Night Eau de Parfum Review


You Will Love This If…

If you’re a fan of Ghost’s iconic fragrances, but you’re looking for a slightly moodier, more decadent version, Orb of Night will be right up your street.

I personally love how wearable this fragrance is, too; it would be a great perfume to wear during the winter months when you want something a little richer and bolder to warm you up, while it will be just as enjoyable in the summer – especially on late summer evenings when the sun begins to set.

Ghost Orb of Night Review


Orb of Night Eau de Parfum Smells Similar To:

To me, the richer, gourmand notes in this fragrance stand out, particularly caramel. So, it reminds me a little bit of cosy winter evenings eating hot pudding laden with caramel sauce.


Is Ghost Orb of Night Unisex?

Orb of Night is marketed to women, and I would agree that it feels like more of a traditionally feminine perfume due to its sweeter floral and gourmand tones. Still, I think its warmer, richer and moodier base is universally appealing.

Ghost Orb of Night Eau de Parfum Review

What’s The Longevity Like?

For me, the fragrance’s gooey facets reveal themselves quite quickly, but they certainly lingered for a long time. I spritzed it on my wrist mid-morning and could still make out its luxurious base notes by evening. It surpassed the standard four to six-hour benchmark associated with an Eau de Parfum!

Review of Ghost Orb of Night


What’s The Story?

As the crescent-shaped flacon suggests, this fragrance – along with quite a few other Ghost perfumes – pays homage to space. This particular scent takes inspiration from both the moon and the sun, particularly their unique and co-dependent relationship. Both solar bodies are complete opposites and yet they are in perfect harmony with each other, sharing the same sky while both individually embracing their time to illuminate and light up the sky.

Reflected in its gorgeous glistening rose gold finish, the fragrance and its bottle invite you to imagine that Orb of Night is starting to descend and the sun begins to rise once again.

Ghost Orb of Night Eau de Parfum Review

What’s Special About The Bottle?

The perfume is held within a now-iconic crescent shape to tie into the celestial theme. The ombre colour seeps from a bronzed, rose gold hue on the top, ever-so-slightly becoming gradually lighter until the base of the flacon allows you to see the double-walled glass and Ghost name.




Ghost Orb of Night Review

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