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Anti-Ageing Skincare Technology

Before I dive into my three standout anti-ageing skincare choices of the moment, I want to get one thing straight; ageing is a natural part of life. As a result, there’s nothing wrong with signs of ageing, nor do they need to be ‘fixed’ – if anything, ageing should be seen as a celebration of the life we’ve lived.

That being said, the way you approach your maturing complexion is completely up to you; whether you fully embrace your newfound fine lines or you choose to target signs of ageing in your skincare routine, the power lies with you. If you fall into this second category, then you might wonder what products or ingredients to keep an eye out for, which is where this edit comes into play.

In my role here at Escentual, I get to try lots of new beauty and skincare, which means I also notice anti-ageing trends. One thing that I can’t see going out of fashion any time soon is the desire for more natural, plant-powered formulas. But does that mean that you have to sacrifice science and innovation? Not at all!

For the fifth edit in my technology series, I’m going to be looking at three formulations that have recently stood out to me. They all centre around natural ingredients, but they use them in well-researched, innovative and even tech-driven ways to help skin as it ages. And trust me, they’ll prove to you why innovative skincare and nature do go hand-in-hand…


1. The Super Serum For Youthful Skin

Anti-Ageing Skincare Technology: Nuxe Super Serum

The Standout Facts:
• Vegan
• 95% natural origin ingredients
• Features a patented complex
• Encourages skin to behave as if it were 10 years younger
• Plumps, firms and evens out skin tone
• Suitable for all skin types

For many people, Nuxe’s Super Serum will tick all the boxes; not only does it feature patented anti-ageing technology, but it’s also vegan. Driven by Nuxe’s anti-ageing expertise, the serum uses a whole host of botanical ingredients to offer an effective but plant-powered approach to ageing.

But what makes this serum stand out? Well, for a starter, its texture. The formula’s fun and sensorial bubbly fluid is all down to cutting-edge green technology that sees the 100% natural, microfluidic encapsulation of fractionated botanical oils. Now I understand that might seem like a lot to digest, so let’s break it down.

When you look at this serum, you’ll notice that there are hundreds of small golden pearls within it – these aren’t just there for the visual effect; they’re tiny micro-spheres filled with oil. Within each sphere, botanical oil has been fractionated and reassembled with a selection of their most precious, nourishing and skin-softening fatty acids. These bubble-like, silicon-free spheres allow the oil to stay pure and preserved before they burst and melt into the skin on application for a perfect affinity with the skin. The spheres bob around within the outer liquid serum, which includes skin-quenching natural hyaluronic acid obtained using respectful botanical biotechnology; this ingredient delves deep into skin to hydrate, plump and stimulate its youth mechanisms.

But the star of the show has to, of course, be the patented element: a botanical complex centred around edelweiss cells. This innovative approach to skincare sees Nuxe laboratories multiplying native cells of the flower using just a tiny plant fragment to get the most out of this anti-ageing natural ingredient. Its rejuvenating properties prove so popular that its anti-ageing effectiveness is the subject of a patent.

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Nuxe Super Serum [10] Review


2. The Glow-Boosting Moisturiser

Anti-Ageing Skincare Technology: Clarins Extra-Firming Energy Cream

The Standout Facts:
• Suitable for all skin types
• Designed for 40-year-old skin
• Showcases Clarins’ innovative new complex

If you keep up to date with our monthly favourites series, it should come as no surprise that Clarins’ glow-boosting moisturiser had to be featured in my technology edit sooner rather than later!

This radiance-revealing face cream makes anti-ageing skincare fun and luxurious – all thanks to the luscious apricot-toned cream, fruity scent and smooth, soft texture. And let’s not forget the way it gives your skin a glowy boost – I’ll admit; I’m not yet addressing signs of ageing in my current skincare routine, but I still love the fresh, luminous look I got from this! (In fact, I joined Communications and Campaigns Manager, Chelsey, for an Instagram Live a little while ago, and she commented on how glowy my skin looked – it was all down to this moisturiser!)

But enough about me; let’s get to the techy bit. Created for women in their 40s, Clarins’ face cream includes an innovative new complex, [Glow Plus Complex]. This tech is packed with juicy superfruits that help skin reveal a natural energy and radiance. But what’s behind this new and unique plant-powered complex? Organic goji berry extract and acerola seed extract boost radiance over-time, while organic apricot oil and paprika provide an instant-glow effect.

Aside from its radiance-revealing abilities, the formula also uses organic oat sugars for a lifting effect while organic desert date unifies the complexion. But that’s not all; the face cream also uses organic leaf of life for lasting hydration, while organic kangaroo flower and mitracarpus extracts promote a natural ‘spring’ effect by enhancing skin firming and collagen synthesis – that’s the protein responsible for keeping skin plump.

Alongside the plant-powered formula, Clarins’ Anti-Pollution Complex adds a layer of protection against the harmful effects of pollution to continue to protect your skin.

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Clarins Extra-Firming Energy Cream Review


3. The Plant-Powered Formula For Men

Anti-Ageing Skincare Technology: Jack Black Nighttime BAK-up Retinol Alternative

The Standout Facts:
• Features a botanical shown to provide benefits comparable to retinol
• Designed for male skin
• Part of the ProSeries Age Control Collection that centres around clinically-tested ingredients, antioxidants and vitamins

One innovative trend that’s becoming increasingly popular in the anti-ageing skincare category is the use of plant-based retinol alternatives. Brands are pumping time, research and money into finding the best natural alternatives that offer results just as impressive as their predecessors. But why are some people stepping away from traditional retinol? Although retinol offers impressive anti-ageing properties, it’s also incredibly potent, so it can sometimes cause sensitivity, redness and irritation. Many skincare experts are looking for kind-to-skin plant-based solutions – and of course, some skincare shoppers prefer more natural, sustainable alternatives.

However, there’s still a gap in its use, and that’s within anti-ageing skincare for men; this is the reason why Jack Black’s new Nighttime BAK-up has jumped out to me for all the right reasons – it’s for male skin. After all, all genders should be able to look after their skin in whichever way they choose, so we can all feel comfortable and happy with it in the long term.

Jack Black’s water-cream blends fatty acid-rich cannabis sativa seed oil – which helps prevent moisture loss while soothing skin – alongside bakuchiol, an effective, non-irritating plant-based alternative to retinol. This plant-based substitute is an exciting up-and-coming ingredient that offers results comparable to retinol without irritation, and I’m sure we’ll see it cropping up more and more often.

Jack Black uses bakuchiol here to help target common signs of ageing as it improves skin tone, elasticity and smooths away fine lines and wrinkles. Soothing bisabolol and ginger root extract help reduce the appearance of redness to further comfort skin. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who’s had a bad experience with retinol in the past but is still looking to rejuvenate their skin to keep it fresh and healthy-looking.

All-in-all, the formula helps to boost skin hydration overnight, allowing you to wake up to refreshed, firmed and brighter-looking skin with an improved texture. Nighttime BAK-up is clinically proven to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles significantly.

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