Amouage Ashore Eau de Parfum Review

Amouage Ashore Eau de Parfum Review

Created for Amouage by Mackenzie Rielly in September 2020, Ashore is a fragrance masterpiece that captures the sights, scent and sensation of being on the coast of Oman as the sun beats down on the sand and the sea. As a part of the Renaissance Collection, Ashore Eau de Parfum celebrates the liberating force of nature.


The Most Important Thing About This Product Is…

Like the entire Renaissance Collection, Ashore is all about nature, specifically the stunning and widely diverse landscape of Oman, which is home to everything from the fjords of Musandam to the plateau of Dhofar. The coast of Ras Al Jinz, which lies on the east of the country, inspires this fragrance.

The perfume is warm, bold, and exciting. It blends a collection of heady, intoxicating fragrance notes come together while cooler, salty undertones refresh and reinvigorate the scent; it feels like the contrast between the blistering heat of the day and the cold crispness of the water and sea breeze.

Although categorised as a fresh floral fragrance, I would say it has amber, solar tones to it as well. The fragrance opens with top notes of spicy-sweet cardamom oil and warm turmeric leaf oil, heightened and enlivened by a dash of pink pepper CO² before the floral heart of jasmine sambac absolute and rose absolute is brightened by a luminous solar accord. Finally, the base note of ambergris comes crashing in alongside warm olibanum hyperabsolute and soft sandalwood oil.


You Will Love This If…

If you love beach days and you want to find a clever, rich fragrance to reflect that, you’ll love Ashore. There’s no denying how creative this aroma is; it somehow captures the feeling of hot summer heat on the skin while cooling you down slightly with a salty mineral dash that comes crashing in like waves on the beach.

If you get excited by the sophisticated blend of warm, opulent heady notes like jasmine sambac with the cooler, saltier tones of ambergris, you need to add Ashore to your list.


Ashore Eau de Parfum Smells Similar To:

To me, Ashore perfectly celebrates Oman, the country where Amouage is home – and I get the beach theme from it too. In a way, it reminds me a little bit of driving home from a warm summer’s day at the beach, when your skin is subtly scented with sun lotion, salty seawater and sand, but made more opulent and luxurious.

Plus, its warm, rich, spicy notes remind you of the area; the Perfumer of this fragrance, Mackenzie Reilly explains, ‘India is just a few miles away [from the coast of Ras al Jinz] and the notes of cardamom and turmeric recall the scent of spices the wind carries along.’


Is Ashore Unisex?

Ashore is a unisex fragrance that I think could easily be worn and enjoyed by all genders. I sprayed Ashore on my wrist before reading about the scent. I didn’t have any inclination about which gender the brand may have decided to market it for, which shows its universal appeal and supports Escentual’s belief that you should wear a fragrance because you like matter who the Perfumer had in mind when creating it.


What’s The Longevity Like?

This fragrance surpasses the minimum expectations of an Eau de Parfum – at least five to six hours – I could still smell its subtle tone by night after applying mid-morning.


What’s The Story?

This perfume depicts a special place and moment in time; the coast of Ras Al Jinz on the eastern coast of Oman. It’s mid-summer, and the sun is in the middle of the sky; perhaps a gentle breeze is cooling your skin, and water is lapping at your feet.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

The bottle has a relatively understated design with a pale cream-coloured glass and a delicate pink top – with the iconic Amouage emblem. It’s simple yet sophisticated.


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