Clarins Men Energising Eye Gel Review

Clarins Men Energising Eye Gel Review

When we’re tired, stressed, ageing or exposed to environmental aggressors (which are all a part of daily life), our eyes can often be the first place to tell tales. Well, not any more; the Clarins Men Energising Eye Gel works like a battery on the skin to give it a boost of vitality and energy to do away with eyebags, dark circles and fatigue while shielding against pollution. Has this caught your eye? If so, read on to find out more…


The Most Important Thing About This Product Is…

The Clarins Men Eye Gel will give your eyes a wake-up call! It’s packed with a host of innovative complexes and natural ingredients to diffuse puffiness and eye bags while instantly hydrating, refreshing and brightening the delicate eye area. It helps the cells function correctly and restores energy and vitality to dulling and choked skin. It fends off free radicals, pollution, and lifestyle stress to give your eyes a boost while protecting them long term. And it’s not only the formula that’s clever; it has a cooling tri-ball roller ball applicator that massages and drains the eye contour to refresh your eyes while diffusing puffiness visibly.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re a man who’s noticed that your eyes no longer look bright and full of vitality, then this is the one for you. It’s ideal for city-dwellers thanks to its anti-pollution properties. It’s also great if you opt for fuss-free skincare, as the gel texture is ultra-lightweight and refreshing and gets to work quickly.

 Clarins Men Energising Eye Gel Review

Hero Ingredients:

You wouldn’t expect such a lightweight gel to be so supercharged! As with all Clarins’ skincare, it’s the perfect balance between natural and scientific; it uses the finest botanical extracts and blends this with their research and technological advancements. At its cores lies the new generation Clarins G-Red Complex, which harnesses the stimulating abilities of organic red ginseng, which helps the efficient functioning of skin cells. Known for its energising powers, this extract is matured for six years to enhance the richness of inactive molecules. This is matched with organic bison grass and Gymnema extract, which encourages the synthesis of the molecule required for healthy cells.

The Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex works alongside this – which is now in its eighth generation to keep up with its scientific discoveries and environmental changes. This is a powerful cocktail of three plant extracts that shield the delicate skin against stresses linked to pollution, such as discomfort, ageing and dullness. Dehydration from pollution is inhibited thanks to furcellaria extract, which has a second skin effect to physically protect. This is met with organic nipplewort, which enhances skin’s natural defences against environmental aggressors and organic white horehound, which defends against indoor and atmospheric pollution.

And it doesn’t stop there; Clarins’ has also included a quintet of botanical ingredients to give skin ultra-nourishment and hydration. Organic oat sugars fight off dryness while soothing sensitive skin, while bamboo extract helps firm and tone. Dehydration is prevented with organic houseleek extract, with organic horse chestnut flower to stimulate the skin’s micronutrient network to tackle dullness and dark circles. A final boost of plant-based caffeine works to reduce under-eye bags for toned and less-fatigued eyes.

And don’t worry, you can trust Clarins’ eco-conscious ethos; they respect nature and biodiversity to ensure the traceability of every plant extract used and favour fair trade and organic ingredients.

Clarins Men Energising Eye Gel Review

What Skin Type Is It For?

This Clarins Men eye cream is suitable for all men’s skin types.


What Does It Feel Like?

The gel itself is incredibly lightweight and hydrating. I love that it’s not at all sticky, oily or greasy, but rather absorbs quickly with a cooling effect, which is enhanced with the trio of silver roller balls on the applicator.

Clarins Men Energising Eye Gel Review

What Does It Smell Like?

The eye gel has a fresh scent that doesn’t linger long once you’ve massaged it in.


How Do You Use The Product?

Apply every morning and evening to clean, dry skin. Gently squeeze the red tube to dispense the product, glide the rollerball applicator around the eye contour, and work from the inner corner outwards. To keep the rest of your complexion as refreshed and invigorated as your eyes, match with the Clarins Men Energising Gel.


What’s Special About The Design?

The sleek red tube is vivid and compact and is also made from recycled materials. What’s really special is the applicator; it contains a cooling tri-ball roller that massages, cools and drains the delicate skin around the eyes.

 Clarins Men Energising Eye Gel Review

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Clarins Men Energising Gel Review

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