Daniel Sandler Anti-Redness Foundation Primer Review

Daniel Sandler Anti-Redness Foundation Primer Review

Soothe and neutralise your flushed, red complexion with the Daniel Sandler Anti-Redness Foundation Primer, a clever green-toned primer that will diffuse redness for a calm and even complexion that’s nourished and hydrated.


The Most Important Thing About This Product Is…

The Daniel Sandler primer is a soothing and cooling colour-correcting primer that will neutralise and even skin tone. It cools and evens blotchiness and flushed cheeks to create the ideal canvas for your makeup. The sheer fluid is extremely lightweight and won’t weigh skin down; it offers a sheer wash of correcting colour while providing cooling hydration and nourishment all day long.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re struggling with red, angry skin due to rosacea, adult acne or hot flashes brought on by menopause, this is the primer for you. It neutralises redness to give you a unified finish without applying a heavy concealer or foundation to achieve a more even colour, ensuring your skin stays fresh and light. It’s the ideal choice, whether you’re wearing it alone, under makeup or if you want a lightweight and completely natural coverage that still allows your natural beauty to shine through.


Hero Ingredients:

The lightweight primer is packed with a nourishing blend of hyaluronic acid and calendula to offer all-day hydration while performing an immediate cooling sensation. The skin’s glow is enhanced thanks to subtle light-reflecting mica, which softens fine lines’ appearance while leaving a healthy, dewy glow.


What Skin Type Is It For?

The Daniel Sandler primer is suitable for all skin types, but especially suited to those going through menopause, or struggling with rosacea or adult acne.


What Does It Feel Like?

The lightweight pastel-green primer has a fluid texture that absorbs into skin effortlessly. It’s not at all heavy or cakey, instead it feels soft and comfortable on skin.


What Does It Smell Like?

The Foundation Primer has no scent.


What Does It Look Like On?

The Daniel Sandler primer colour-corrects and diffuses redness, blotchiness and angry flushes for an even and radiant base while smoothing fine lines for a flawless and subtly blurred finish. If you’re wearing it under makeup, it will improve longevity and prevent cakiness.


How Do You Use The Product?

Gently dispense one pump of the Foundation Primer onto your hands then apply evenly to the complexion, blending it into the skin and focusing on areas that are prone to looking red, angry and hot.


What’s Special About The Design?

The pump bottle is sleek and sophisticated; we wouldn’t expect any less from Daniel Sandler. The glass bottle allows the pale sage-green liquid to shine through, while the white pump allows for easy and hygienic distribution.





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