Regenerate Toothbrush Review

Regenerate Toothbrush Review

Take your daily teeth-cleaning routine up a notch with the new and improved Regenerate Toothbrush, a toothbrush with antibacterial filaments and ultra-soft bristles for advanced enamel care.


The Most Important Thing About This Is…

Piero Lissoni – globally-esteemed architect, designer and art director – has used his minimalistic and timeless philosophy to “redesign” the toothbrush by stripping it down to its core use and enhancing its functional simplicity.

The Regenerate Toothbrush offers advanced enamel care thanks to its impressive design, while the rounded and ultra-soft bristles feel non-abrasive and silky on the teeth and gums. The brush has a small head and a straight neck to allow for a controlled and precise brushing every time as it reaches between the teeth for a thorough and effective clean.


You Will Love This If…

We all clean our teeth everyday, but the Regenerate toothbrush will enhance this ordinary routine so it’s perfect if you’re looking to take better care of your teeth without needing to add in extra steps.


Hero Ingredients:

The materials are what make this toothbrush really special; the ultra-soft bristles boast 5904 ultra-thin anti-bacterial filaments infused with silver phosphate glass, which works to inhibit bacterial growth for advanced enamel care, leaving teeth and gums feeling extremely clean. Plus, the teal-blue plastic handle is made with 93% regenerated plastic.


What Does It Feel Like?

The bristles are silky-soft and closely packed together, so as not to cause abrasion or irritation when brushing your teeth.


How Do You Use The Product?

Brush your teeth with the Regenerate Toothbrush for at least two to three minutes twice a day. For best results, use with the Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste.


What’s Special About The Design?

The teal-blue toothbrush really stands out in your bathroom! It’s made with 93% regenerated plastic, and can even be recycled once you’re done with it (once you remove the toothbrush head.) It arrives in a sleek cylindrical white tube, which acts as a toothbrush holder and will keep the brush safe when you’re travelling. This is made with recyclable and plastic-free cardboard and adds a sustainable edge to the unboxing experience.

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