Initio Musk Therapy Review

Initio Musk Therapy Review

Initio Musk Therapy is up there with my favourite fragrance launches of 2021. It’s sexy, full-bodied and under the radar – a perfect combination for a signature scent.

The innovative blend of hedonistic fragrance notes make this perfume hard not to love; in fact, Musk Therapy is proven to satisfy your pleasure receptors and build your confidence every time you wear it. 100 pts to Initio for creating something so outstanding…


This Fragrance Smells Like…

If Musk Therapy was a drink, it would be a Chambord daiquiri. If it was a holiday, it would be a dusky summer’s night in Turks and Caicos. It’s rustic golds, pink skies and deep purple oceans.


Initio Musk Therapy Review

What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Musk Therapy is the gold addition to the Hedonist collection, which was made for pleasure-seekers like myself. Musk Therapy signifies metamorphosis and new beginnings; the white snake in the brand imagery along with the fragrance notes represents purity and renewal – whether that’s from overindulgence or pure form is up to you!


You Will Love This If…

You want a fragrance that’s special and niche fragrances are your go-to choice. Musk Therapy is clever and complex yet effortlessly wearable. Its bold blackcurrant body subsides softly into velvet-like musks to create something really beautiful. Plus, the notes used in this scent actually have positive effects on your brain.

  • Blackcurrant stimulates energy
  • White sandalwood lowers stress and boosts confidence
  • Magnolia activates your brain’s pleasure receptor

If you like your fragrances to be your little secret, this is 100% covetable.

Initio Musk Therapy Perfume Review

This Perfume Smells Similar To:

I had to compare Musk Therapy to another fragrance (even though it’s very unique), I would pick Womanity by Mugler mixed with Diesel Plus by Diesel because of their warm, exotic sides.


Is Musk Therapy Unisex?

Musk Therapy is unisex, however, women tend to wear it more. Men love the pheromone-like aroma, whereas females favour the sweetness of fruits and soft musks.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Musk Therapy lasts all day on my skin, and what seems like forever on my clothes. When you walk into a room, people pick up on the big character of this perfume, but never the brand or the name, and I love that.


Initio Musk Therapy fragrance review

What’s Special About The Bottle?

Look at that bottle – it’s stunning; it’s heavy, the clean lines are perfection, and it has the right amount of detail etched into the cap and bottle. You will never forget the immense joy of unboxing an Initio fragrance, as without spoiling the surprise, it has 2 magnificent layers which actually feels like the most luxurious game of pass the parcel you will ever play. At first, you get a cardboard sleeve which you lift to reveal a plastic velvet-like throne for your new scent, then inside is a tiny envelope with Initio’s mantra and QR code for more information – dreamy.



All of the musks used in Musk Therapy are natural.


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