Issey Miyake A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum Review

Issey Miyake A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum Review

Do your friends describe you as sophisticated and modern? If yes, there’s a new collection of fragrances you’ll want to know about. Glamorous, mysterious and beautiful, Issey Miyake A Drop d’Issey is a radiant and floral Eau de Parfum for women who want to escape urban living for a deeper connection with nature.

Read on to find out why this new range is my new go-to summer fragrance…

Issey Miyake A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum Review


This Fragrance Smells Like…

Issey Miyake invites you to explore the world in a new way with this 2021 fragrance; the scent takes you on a journey through delicate florals, solar signatures and sensual musks.

The initial spritz hits you with the Issey Miyake classic note of delicate, pure damask rose with a summery burst of orange flower and familiar comfort of almond milk, before transforming into a magnifying solar lilac heart. Hints of spicy star anise and opulent jasmine melt into the base, rounding off the fragrance with a musky accord of amber and vanilla that lingers on the skin for a warm and sensual feeling.

Issey Miyake A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum Review


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Created by Master perfumer Ane Ayo, this collection was inspired by the hidden surprises in nature that are amplified by a single water droplet. A marriage between nature and technology, this scent was formed in collaboration with Issey Miyake’s commitment to preserving nature as natural and synthetic collide. The unique and intoxicating solar lilac facet was created using green chemistry with innovative technical processes to protect the lilac flower without the need to harvest it. The floral fragrance encourages its wearer to appreciate nature, explore life deeper and use their imagination to push past what initially meets the eye.

Issey Miyake A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum Review

You Will Love This If…

If you’re a fan of Issey Miyake’s natural and sophisticated compositions, and you’re looking for a warm and sunny scent that still greets you with the recognisable floral top notes, then you’ll love this fragrance.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

When I first spritzed this scent, it instantly transported me to an extravagant picnic laid out amongst lilac shrubs, wearing a soft white dress whilst drenched in sunscreen as the hot sun warms my skin. That’s the feeling that this fragrance evoked for me, which is why it’s the perfect summer scent, and who doesn’t love a picnic under the sun?


Is A Drop d’Issey Unisex?

Issey Miyake A Drop d’Issey is marketed to women, which is most likely due to its floral notes but I would say it can be enjoyed by all genders that enjoy musky, classy scents.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Wow! The longevity definitely impressed me as the Eau de Parfum lingered on my skin for most of the day; you’ll be able to smell the musky, floral tones long into the summer evenings.

Issey Miyake A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum Review


What’s Special About The Bottle?

This unique bottle shape is unlike anything I’ve seen before – the slim cyclical design is like the purest and most perfect water drop, while the round shape resembles a mirror lens that reflects the inspiration of seeing the world in a new light. The design resembles a magnifying glass, inviting us to take a clearer and deeper look into nature. The smooth flat shape reminds me of holding a perfect pebble; the unique design is made to be laid flat while it’s also ideal for slipping into your handbag. I love that the bottle contains 5% recycled glass, and the outer box is made from 70% recycled paper.



The fragrance is designed to be as eco-conscious as possible, with the key ingredients made with 100% renewable energy and biotechnology, while the natural ingredients have been sourced through sustainable and ethical partnerships with producers.


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