Why Do I Need A Bio Cellulose Mask?

What Do Bio-Cellulose Face Masks Do

I know you’re familiar with sheet masks, but do you know the benefits of bio cellulose? Find out how this fancy fabric can make a world of difference to dehydrated skin types…

What is a Bio Cellulose Mask?

It’s a sheet mask, aka a weekly treatment to boost, brighten or pep up the skin, and relax at the same time. Bio Cellulose masks are the upper echelon of sheet masks and are made with natural fibres. Each strand has an approximate diameter of only 20 nanometers, which is 1000 times thinner than human hair – this means they deliver the maximum level of goodness to every centimetre of your skin.


Bio Cellulose Masks vs Sheet Masks

Bio Cellulose masks are better for dry or dehydrated skin as their thin fibres are better at attracting and retaining moisture. They also fit better to your skin, so you don’t need to worry about them slipping or sliding if you’ve got chores to do. The tiny fibres are also eco-friendly, which means they’re better for someone who is eco-conscious, as they’re a biodegradable alternative to fibres used in commercial manufacturing.

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Bio Cellulose Mask Benefits?

• Eco-friendly.

• Fits your face better than any sheet mask.

• Better for dry skin, as they retain more moisture than normal sheet masks.



How To Use a Bio Cellulose Mask?

Step one: make sure your face is clean.

Step two: relax and rip open the sachet.

Step three: check the directions on the box and apply to the contours of your face.

Top tip: if the mask has two layers, don’t remove the outer layer until you have fit the mask to your face – this is less messy and takes less time.

Step four: leave the mask on for the desired time.

Top tip: if there is any excess serum in the sachet, apply it to your neck, chest and hands while you wait.

Step five: remove the mask and follow with your spritz, serum and moisturiser.


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