Pharmaceris T Comedo Acne Anti-Comedone Cream Review

Pharmaceris T Comedo Acne Anti-Comedone Cream Review

Do you have oily or acne-prone skin? If you do and you’re looking to achieve a clearer-looking complexion in as little as six days, then you’re going to want to hear all about Pharmaceris’ Anti-Comedone Cream, a mattifying treatment created by Dr Irena Eris in collaboration with the Centre of Science and Research. Read on to find out more…


The Most Important Thing About This Acne Treatment Is…

Tired of treatments that don’t work? Then look no further than Pharmaceris’ Anti-Comedone Cream; it delivers impressive visible results, all thanks to its innovative formula. Driven by Pharmaceris’ expertise, this must-have cream helps to even out skin texture after just six hours, while it works to unclog and refine the pores – and it even reduces imperfections after only six days of use.


What Skin Type Is It For?

This cream is recommended for oily and combination skin types prone to blocked pores, blackheads and/or whiteheads.


You Will Love This If…

If you have oily or blemish-prone skin, then this cream is for you; the treatment reduces the appearance of pores and limits excess oil to help you achieve a more even complexion.

I personally loved how effortless the applicator was to use too; it’s great for busy mornings – and as if it couldn’t get any better, the cream can be worn under makeup.


Hero Ingredients:

The mattifying treatment uses an innovative synergy of azeloglicina and shikimic acid to lighten hyperpigmentation, while minimising the visibility of whiteheads and blackheads. Topped off with niacinamide to ease redness caused by pimples and spots, while also helping to regulate the skin and reduce excess oil.


What Does It Feel Like?

The lightweight cream texture instantly absorbs into the skin leaving behind a mattified, smooth finish.


How Do You Use The Product?

Apply to the face every morning and evening after cleansing skin.

Please note that this treatment may cause visible, temporary peeling; this shows that the formula is working hard behind the scenes.


What’s Special About The Design?

The easy-to-use applicator makes your skincare routine effortless and fuss-free, while allowing you to target problem areas.


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