Anna Sui Sky Eau de Toilette Review

Anna Sui Sky Eau de Toilette Review

If you dream of magical kingdoms and marshmallow clouds, then I think I’ve found your new signature scent: Anna Sui Sky. It’s a fruity-floral fragrance for women that’s laced with addictive gourmand facets – and anyone who’s a fan of sweet yet elegant fragrances will love it.

Anna Sui’s latest perfume is inspired by the dreamy, playful concept of a journey to a mystical kingdom in the sky. And trust me, it’s a fragrance that’s set to take you to new heights. Read on to discover more about this irresistible scent…


This Fragrance Smells Like…

Created by expert perfumer Jean Jacques, Sky Eau de Toilette has an instantly fresh, airy effervescence. The scent opens with a kiss of crisp, juicy sweet pear, which is lifted by mouthwateringly sunny bergamot, while an exhilarating dash of pink peppercorn is thrown in as a fragrance enhancer.

The heart blossoms into a subtly sweet but delicately floral bouquet as fluffy, soap-like lily of the valley mingles with a pretty, soft and velvety rose facet. But the aquatic-floral note of lotus flower is the star of the show; it adds an undeniable lightness to the fragrance as it floats through the heart, picking you up and carrying you away on a gentle summer breeze.

Anna Sui’s crisp, sweet scent is warmed through in the base as though it’s been touched by the sun’s rays, revealing a surprising – but truly addictive – gourmand tone as a final treat for the senses. Cosy, sensual vanilla is drizzled over seductive, woody musk, while a handful of crunchy toasted popcorn is scattered throughout.

When I first saw Sky Eau de Toilette, I expected it to be sweet, fresh and airy to begin with – and it certainly is. But I didn’t expect for it to be so undeniably moreish as it mellows on your skin.

Review Anna Sui Sky Eau de Toilette

What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Reflected in both the name and the design, Anna Sui’s new Eau de Toilette is inspired by the sky, more specifically, a journey to a magical kingdom that floats on candyfloss clouds. As you soar through bright blue, cloud-dappled skies to a mystical wonderland, the wind takes you higher and higher until you reach a world of endless possibilities, where you can take your place on the throne.

Each note has been specially selected to tie into this creative concept; crisp pear for a sweet breeziness and lily of the valley to recall white-pillow clouds that billow through the air. And, of course, the princess of this kingdom of delights is surrounded by only the sweetest, most luxurious treats she can get her hands on! The delicate lotus flower is given a modern twist as it melts into warm toasted popcorn – but a much more indulgent version than you’d expect. It’s like crunchy, caramel-coated popcorn with a nutty nuance, tossed over rich gelato laced with specks of vanilla.

I love the way that the fragrance lifts you up with airy notes to start but grounds you with its almost-edible, familiar gourmand base notes; it’s a very clever fragrance composition.


You Will Love This If…

I’ll admit that Anna Sui does seem like a more traditionally feminine, sweet fragrance to me. So, you’ll love this Eau de Toilette if you like pretty perfumes.

But, if floral fragrances have put you off in the past because you think they’re too intoxicatingly heady, then you need to try Anna Sui Sky; it will completely change your mind about the way perfumers can play with floral notes. Its floral facets are fresh, crisp and almost clean in essence. Aided by its Eau de Toilette strength, Sky is perfect for anyone who likes to wear a perfume that adds a delicate grace and elegance to the air around them without being too bold or overpowering.

Anna Sui Sky Eau de Toilette Review

This Perfume Smells Similar To:

If you’re looking for a fragrance that is close to Anna Sui Sky, I would say that it shares similarities with Thank U, Next by music icon Ariana Grande; both have a crisp, sweet, fruity freshness before welcoming more addictive and gourmand facets.

If you’re unfamiliar with this perfume, then Sky reminds me of fresh, dew-drenched fruits and crisp early morning air – before you get that hit of warm toasted popcorn, which is both nutty and sweet.


Is Anna Sui Sky Unisex?

This Anna Sui perfume is marketed towards women, and I would personally say that it has a more traditionally feminine feel to it due to its sweet, delicate facets. That being said, we always believe that you should wear whatever type of fragrance makes you feel happiest and most confident – no matter who it’s aimed at.

Anna Sui Sky Eau de Toilette Review

What’s The Longevity Like?

As an Eau de Toilette, you’d expect Anna Sui Sky to last around two to three hours. Personally, the fresh-off-the-stove popcorn base lasted a good five or six hours for me, which I was pleasantly surprised by.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

Okay, so I know that we’re not supposed to buy perfume for the visuals. It’s all about the scent. Well, as much as that is true, I must admit that I am always a sucker for a pretty bottle. And thankfully, Anna Sui offers both – because why should we have to sacrifice one or the other?

Anna Sui’s perfume is housed in a luxurious, gold-hued hot air balloon to make a chic but bold statement on any dresser. The spray is held at the base of the balloon, which is an ultra-luxurious representation of a wicker basket with a glistening gold finish. With a touch of marshmallow pink in both the base and the glass, the perfume is made for those of us who can’t resist a perfume photoshoot.

Anna Sui have thought about every last detail here; the top of the balloon is encased in a gold, lace-like design with a pretty flower pattern on top, which recalls the airy floral facets within.

Although I could write about the visuals all day long, you may be wondering about the logistics of spritzing this perfume; for the easiest application, hold the perfume upside down to spray it directly onto your pulse points using your first finger.


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