Lancome Idole Aura Eau de Parfum Review

Review of Lancome Idole Aura Eau de Parfum

Lancome Idole fans, listen up! The best-selling fragrance line has a solar-inspired flanker for 2021; Lancome Idole Aura Eau de Parfum blends high-quality sustainably-sourced notes to create a warm solar wave that cocoons the skin in an endless ray of sunshine. Read on to discover Lancome’s modern floral aroma…


This Fragrance Smells Like…

Idole Aura Eau de Parfum is Lancome’s first sun-kissed floral fragrance. It’s a contrasting blend of solar and salty notes scattered over an addictively sensual base; in short, Aura is a sun-drenched reminder of summer.

Lancome Idole Aura EDP is a sunny, salted twist on previous Idoles. It blends a crispy salty accord – to create a feeling of pure fresh air – with a handful of radiant, soft rose petals, resulting in an overall warm, sensual tone that feels like bare skin gently heated by the sun. The heart explodes with a white floral bouquet of glowing, dazzling jasmine flowers while sparkling bergamot enhances the scent. Finally, the fragrance melts into a base of creamy vanilla laced with salty crystals and softly sensual musk for a prolonged sense of warmth.


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Idole Aura was crafted by three exceptional master perfumers: Adriana Medina-Baez, Nadege Le Garlantezec and Shyamala Maisondieu. Inspired by a desire to share the light of success with others, these three women bottle the unstoppable energy that every woman emits. Celebrating a woman’s power and her ability to spread light and success, anyone can be an Idole with this fragrance.

A symbol for female empowerment, the Eau de Parfum contains Isparta rose which is nurtured by the women of Isparta. Lancome ensures decent working conditions for all farmers, all whilst protecting the ecosystem with zero-waste harvesting.


You Will Love This If…

Aura EDP is an uplifting, fresh and seductive aroma; if you like solar floral scents, you will love Lancome’s 2021 edition. If you’re a fan of the original Lancome Idole and you’re looking for a sun-drenched Eau de Parfum for warmer months, look no further than Idole Aura.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

For me, Idole Aura smells like sweet and addictive rose-flavoured Turkish delight, but with an unexpected twist of salty freshness.


What’s The Longevity Like?

The Eau de Parfum’s warm vanilla-musk base lingers on the skin for around six hours.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

Aura is housed within the thinnest perfume bottle in the world! The travel-friendly design displays a white halo on one side that glows from the heart to the centre, symbolising a woman’s inner strength while adding a touch of Lancome’s subtle glamour.

Part of the Lancome Idole collection, the instantly-recognisable bottle fits perfectly into the fragrance line. But what makes this bottle special? The innovative bottle now stands up; it’s a true symbol of strength and power. And of course, the pocket-sized design is ideal for on the go touch-ups and happy reminders of summer when you’re out and about.



Showcases sustainably-sourced ingredients (Isparta rose petal and Madagascan bourbon vanilla.)


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