Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Extreme Eau de Parfum Review

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Extreme Eau de Parfum Review

If you’re a Black Opium perfume fan, listen up. The best-selling Yves Saint Laurent fragrance line has a new addition for 2021: introducing Black Opium Extreme Eau de Parfum for women. The latest fragrance takes the original Black Opium to the next level; with an extra shot of black coffee and even more luminous white flowers, Extreme is an intense, long-lasting scent that exhilarates the senses.

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This Fragrance Smells Like…

Comforting and familiar but addictively moreish, YSL Black Opium Extreme starts with a fresh fruity cocktail of notes that exude a sense of sweetness as crisp pear, juicy mandarin essence and cherry marry together. The heart bursts into a white floral bouquet of heady jasmine and fresh orange blossom. But then you’re hit with the deep, seductive notes of vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean, which are met with the Black Opium signature note of black coffee for an addictive finish.


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

In 1977, YSL introduced Opium, a boundary-pushing fragrance that caused a perfume revolution. Fast forward to 2021, the legacy of Opium continues to surprise and dazzle with the latest Black Opium, a contemporary fragrance inspired by the modern woman. Epitomised by Yves Saint Laurent’s muse, Zoe Kravitz, the fragrance is contemporary, powerful and just a little bit rock and roll.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re a YSL Black Opium fan looking for an intense, rich scent that will take you from day to night, the Extreme Eau de Parfum is the perfect fit. And of course, coffee lovers will enjoy the signature gourmand note that’s featured throughout the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium collection; it’s made even more intense in this version.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium Extreme reminds me of sitting in a cosy coffee shop, the sound of laughter and chit-chat filling the air around you as coffee beans are freshly ground by the barista; Extreme’s undeniably addictive nature is like drinking a delicious mocha topped with soft milky foam, but the sweetness is cut through by the sharpness of coffee and a warm shot of bourbon.


Is Black Opium Extreme Unisex?

YSL designed Black Opium Extreme as a fragrance for women, which is evident through the use of intoxicatingly fresh white flowers. However, the rugged sensuality of coffee and musk questions gender stereotypes, while being universally appealing.


What’s The Longevity Like?

This YSL Eau de Parfum is perfect for everyday wear; the enhanced longevity allowed me to enjoy a veil of pretty florals and moreish gourmand notes for around 6 to 7 hours.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

Black Opium fans will instantly recognise the iconic bottle shape – only this Eau de Parfum design is more extreme than ever! Adorned in sparkling black glitter, the fragrance is red carpet ready, whilst the usual pink centre has been switched to black for an air of mystery. If you’re looking for a bottle that makes a statement, the glistening drama of Black Opium Extreme would make an eye-catching addition to any fragrance collection.


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