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Why Darcey Is Our Fragrance For Him Expert

Ever find yourself browsing our website or blog and wishing you could try each and every fragrance we write about? Well, Darcey is lucky enough to do just that. As one of our leading Junior Copywriters, she tests, trials and reviews many of the fragrances you see on-site. She’s the person her family and friends go to when they want a scent recommendation for the man in their life, but they need a helping hand…


Darcey’s Top Gifting Tip

“If you’re looking to find the perfect fragrance gift for any man in your life, I would recommend either sticking to their favourite scent or finding notes that are similar and giving them something surprising and new.”


Darcey’s Top Fragrance For Him Picks

Her favourite picks for this Christmas are all here. But after getting some one-on-one time to catch up with Darcey, we found out her key favourites…


1. Initio Oud for Happiness

Fragrance for him: Initio Oud for Happiness Eau de Parfum Spray
Darcey’s Pick: Initio Oud for Happiness Eau de Parfum
Oud for Happiness is guaranteed to put a smile on his face this Christmas – quite literally! New for 2021, the premium niche fragrance is built around the precious natural material, oud. Known to boost your mood, oud helps to rebalance, relax and relieve the senses. And if the man in your life loves bright but softly spiced woody scents, this will be right up his street; it’s an exhilarating blend of spices, woods and oriental notes. And just look at that bottle.


2. Acqua di Parma Colonia

fragrance for him Acqua di Parma Colonia Eau de Cologne
Darcey’s Pick: Acqua di Parma Colonia Eau de Cologne

A fan-favourite cologne for over a century, Colonia epitomises Italian luxury. The timeless, enduring scent is made for anyone who loves fresh, bright aromas. A true celebration of Italy, Acqua di Parma’s refined fragrance for him bursts with zesty, sun-drenched citrus fruits before exploring breathtakingly aromatic herbs balanced by a touch of floral notes. Then, a dry woodiness rounds off the scent.


3. Versace Eros

Fragrance For Him: Versace Eros Eau de Toilette Fragrance Recommendation

Darcey’s Pick: Versace Eros Eau de Toilette

Inspired by ancient Greek mythology, Versace Eros is the type of scent that the man in your life is bound to fall in love with – it is named after the god of love, after all. Fresh, luminous and undeniably sensual, Versace Eros Eau de Toilette starts with a bright, vibrant blend of cool mint, zesty lemon and crisp green apple before its addictive heart explores a blend of clever floral and oriental notes. To finish, a creamy vanilla note is balanced by mossy, woody tones for a lasting intensity.

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Darcey on Christmas


What Excites Darcey About Christmas?

“My favourite part of Christmas is going shopping and finding the perfect gift for my family and friends.”


Darcey’s Favourite Christmas Tradition Is…

“My favourite Christmas tradition is putting up the Christmas tree on the first of December. I think some people find it quite controversial but I never think it’s too early to start Christmas.”


The Most Thoughtful Gift Darcey Ever Received Was…

“The most thoughtful present I’ve ever received was from my sister. She took me to Iceland for my 21st birthday, and she laid out loads of cards so I had to guess where I was going, and it’s one of my dream places to go on holiday.”


Who Is Darcey Treating This Christmas?

“I’m most looking forward to treating my boyfriend, Robb. He’s been away working for six months and he missed his birthday, and last Christmas we were in lockdown, so I think he deserves a treat.”


Pick Their Perfect Present From Us…

“There’s so much choice at Escentual, so it was hard to choose, but I settled on the ‘Initio Oud For Happiness’. The reason I’ve chosen this fragrance for Robb is because he loves spicy warm aromas. His signature scent is ‘Paco Rabanne Pure XS’, so I wanted to elevate it this year and surprise him with something new and that’s why I chose this scent.”


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