Cartier Rivieres de Cartier Range Review

Cartier Rivieres de Cartier Range Review

In a free-spirited vision of fragrance, master perfumer, Mathilde Laurent, captures the energy and raw beauty of water with the Cartier Rivieres de Cartier collection. Paying homage to three distinct journeys, each Eau de Toilette in the line represents not only a body of water, but an intense emotion. Insouciance, Allegresse and Luxuriance each nod to the minerals, flowers and fruit that water is infused with along its journey.

Keep reading to discover each unique scent in the Rivieres de Cartier line and work out which is your favourite…


What Does Each Fragrance Smell Like?

Cartier Rivieres de Cartier Allegresse Eau de Toilette: Joyful and elegant, Allegresse follows a sparkling river that flows through a landscape bursting with rich florals and fresh citrus fruit. The Eau de Toilette opens with sweet, opulent tuberose; as the journey continues, fresh greens flourish during a heart of petitgrain before the fragrance projects an energising base of bright, sunny bergamot.

Cartier Rivieres de Cartier Luxuriance Eau de Toilette: Uplifting and complex, this fragrance is brimming with herbaceous greens and warm woods for a foliage-filled scent. The perfume starts its journey with an aromatic, green geranium note that magnifies the warm oak heart. The herbaceous base fills the senses with an elevating freshness, creating a tone that’s reminiscent of the forest floor.

Cartier Rivieres de Cartier Insouciance Eau de Toilette: Delicate and sweet, Insouciance blossoms with a bouquet of fresh flowers that sparkle as they’re drenched in sunlight. Powdery iris offers an initial elegant softness that’s carried through to the heart for a subtle earthy feel before a splash of violet joins the base for a light, dewy finish.

Cartier Rivieres de Cartier Collection Review

What’s The Story Behind Rivieres de Cartier?

Mathilde Laurent was inspired by the energy, vibration and movement of water as it picks up organic and mineral elements on its journey, becoming infused with luscious green leaves, stray herbs and pretty petals, which leave behind a colourful olfactory cocktail as they’re carried away by the river.


You Will Love This Fragrance Line If…

Fans of Cartier scents or floral fragrances will love each distinct perfume in the Rivieres de Cartier range.

Equally, the respectfully-sourced formulas, plant-based alcohol content and refillable designs are sure to catch the attention of anyone looking for an eco-friendly fragrance.

Fragrance Review: the Cartier Rivieres de Cartier collection

The Collection Smells Similar To:

Mathilde Laurent describes the Rivieres range as ‘‘bathing in luxuriance and returning once again to nature”, which perfectly captures the mood of each of these scents. For me, each EDT epitomises the invigorating but peaceful experience of walking alongside a cool, glistening river as it cuts into the landscape, with each scent transporting me to a different time of year:

Cartier Allegresse: Summer.
Cartier Insouciance: Spring.
Cartier Luxuriance: Winter.


Is The Cartier Rivieres de Cartier Range Unisex?

Cartier’s lineup is marketed toward women, but with three subtle aromas, everyone can find their perfect match.

Review of Cartier Rivieres de Cartier

What’s The Longevity Like?

Each scent in the collection lasted around four hours on my skin, which is pretty typical of an EDT.


What’s Special About The Bottles?

Part of Cartier’s commitment to the environment, the collection pays homage to nature not only through the fragrances, but also through the bottle designs. At the forefront of sustainability, Cartier’s eco-friendly refillable design helps to reduce excess waste and minimise their overall carbon footprint.

And they look stunning too! True to the brand’s roots, each flacon resembles a piece of Cartier jewellery, while the colourful ombre effect reflects the sunlight beautifully; it’s just like sparkling river water.



Artificial colourant-free.


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