GUERLAIN Jicky Eau de Parfum Review

When it comes to the cult-classic GUERLAIN Jicky Eau de Parfum, the heritage of the master perfumers who created and perfected this fragrance is truly tangible. A true show-stopper, Jicky paved the way for modern fragrance as its creation in 1889 marked the beginning of emotional perfumery. From then on, scent would be used to evoke emotions and go beyond mimicking just one individual smell.

To this day, Jicky takes you on a journey as its fragrance dances between spicy fougere tones and fresh lemon and lavender facets, creating a surprising and addictive scent.


This Fragrance Smells Like…

Bright and fresh lemon is balanced by aromatic lavender, while the mossy earthiness of Jicky’s fougere accord is sweetened by Jicky’s rich, cosy vanilla base. Masterfully balancing zesty, earthy and gourmand tones to perfection, GUERLAIN’s oriental-fougere fragrance warms on the skin to reveal a dynamic and ever-changing aroma.


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Before Jicky was released all the way back in 1889, fragrance was more literal as perfumers tried to emulate a specific scent found in nature – especially floral aromas. Revolutionising scent by initiating abstract perfumery, Jicky was the forerunner for modern perfumery. Today, its character and tenacity continues to give the wearer a unique sensory experience, reflected in its blend of natural and synthetic ingredients.

The fragrance itself shares its name with a young woman from creator Aimé Guerlain’s student days; this scent acts as a homage to Jicky.


GUERLAIN Jicky Eau de Parfum Spray ReviewYou Will Love This If…

If you are a fragrance fanatic and often find yourself torn between wanting to wear a variety of fragrances but struggling to choose just one, then you’ll love GUERLAIN Jicky Eau de Parfum. The incredible dance between fresh and spicy is invigorating and well-loved amongst GUERLAIN fans and fragrance experts.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

The playfulness of Jicky can be compared to warm sunlight bursting through a forest of ferns, with the freshness of lemons and lavender mixed in.


Is Jicky Unisex?

Revolutionising modern fragrance, Aimé Guerlain’s creation is deemed to be the first official unisex fragrance ever created.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Jicky’s warm oriental facet wraps up its grand performance of contrasting notes, lingering on the skin for hours on end.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

Designed by Raymond Guerlain, Jicky is held in GUERLAIN’s iconic ‘inverted heart’ flacon; signalling its Legendary status, the glass is adorned with graceful scrolls that are typical of the Art Nouveau movement. The honey yellow fragrance within blends beautifully with the touches of gold that adorns Jicky’s neck, adding a final touch of luxury.


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