Sachajuan Scalp Treatment Duo Review

Sachajuan Scalp Treatment Duo Review

One in two people globally suffers from dandruff in their lives! So, most of us can relate to the discomfort caused by a dry, flakey scalp. If you’re suffering from dandruff, don’t worry. Sachajuan is here to bring comfort to our itchy heads with the latest addition to their best-selling anti-dandruff collection, the Sachajuan Scalp Treatment.


The Most Important Thing About The Sachajuan Scalp Treatment Is…

Say goodbye to white flakes with the Sachajuan dandruff treatment, a leave-in formula developed by haircare professionals, to remove dry skin and unwanted dandruff, while soothing an irritated scalp. Both treatment and a preventative, the elixir works to also maintain the delicate balance of both your scalp and hair to reduce the recurrence of dandruff.


What Hair Type Is It For?

Sachjuan’s Scalp Treatment is the perfect daily treatment for an itchy and sensitive scalp.


You Will Love This If…

If you were a fan of the original Scalp Treatment, you’ll love the latest formulation and repack for 2022. Now in a travel-friendly 45ml duo-pack, the latest soothing treatment makes combating dandruff easier than ever.

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Hero Ingredients:

Formulated with a blend of rosemary oil, menthol, salicylic acid and ginger extract, the treatment works to exfoliate dead skin cells and clear hair follicles, so the scalp is left soothed and refreshed. Plus, salicylic acid has the added benefit of washing away any excess skin sebum to keep your locks healthy and happy.


What Does It Feel Like?

Unlike other heavy, creamy treatments, this formula has a lightweight texture that instantly absorbs into the hair for a natural, refreshed feeling.


What Does It Smell Like?

Infused with menthol, the Scalp Treatment has a light, invigorating minty scent that leaves you feeling fresh and clean after each use.


How Do You Use The Product?

Follow after your favourite shampoo and conditioner (I’d recommend the Sachajuan Scalp collection for dandruff-prone hair) for maximum impact. For best results, divide the hair into parts, apply to the scalp by massaging it with your fingers and leave in – no-rinse required!


What’s Special About The Format?

The bottle has an easy-to-use nozzle design for targeted treatment and effortless application. Part of the revamp for 2022, the formula now comes in a duo pack with travel-friendly 45ml bottles, so you can ensure your scalp feels great, wherever you are!


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