Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Extreme Volume Lash Clash Review

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Extreme Volume Lash Clash Review

What could be better than a full false lash look without the hassle and price tag? Thanks to Yves Saint Laurent’s innovative Extreme Volume Lash Clash Mascara, we can all achieve bigger, volumised lashes – in fact, their new patent-pending brush and thick, waxy formula can help you increase your lash volume by up to 200%. Caught your attention? Read on to discover the thickest YSL mascara have created to date…


The Most Important Thing About The YSL Lash Clash Mascara Is…

Yves Saint Laurent’s Lash Clash provides up to 200%+ volume in an instant! Ideal for anyone who loves a bold, eye-catching look, the Extreme Volume Mascara opens your eyes whilst lifting your lashes. The blend of hyper-black pigments and skin-caring ingredients provide up to 24 hours of volumised yet comfortable lashes. Don’t believe me? 96% of beauty lovers agreed their mascara lasted up to 24 hours, and 94% felt their mascara looked fresh all day long.


What Does It Look Like On?

The Extreme Volume Lash Clash Mascara delivers a volumised, lifted and curled look. The deep, couture black shade creates an eye-opening look, no matter whether you’re completing your makeup look or wearing alone.


What Skin Type Is It For?

All skin types can enjoy bigger, bolder lashes with the YSL Extreme Volume Mascara.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re trying to achieve a false lash or lash extension look without the price tag, Lash Clash is the mascara for you! Fans of YSL will love the luxurious black design as it’s wrapped with the iconic gold YSL logo.

Not sure if this is the right mascara for you? Check out our quick cheat sheet:

Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils: dramatic volume and subtle curl.
Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils The Curler: defined volume and intense curl.
Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Radical: radical volume with an intense black finish.
Mascara Extreme Volume Lash Clash: extreme and intense volume with a couture black finish.


Hero Ingredients:

Yves Saint Laurent have created an unique oil-in-water formula that coats the lashes with hyper-black pigments and smudge-resistant boosters. The thick, creamy texture is super easy to build and layer, so that you can achieve impactful lashes with each swipe. Plus, it’s completely flake-free.

Sourced from YSL Beauty’s Ourika Community Gardens, the fragrance-free formula is also enriched with iris florentina extract to nourish and protect your lashes over time.


What Does It Smell Like?

The YSL Extreme Volume Lash Clash Mascara has a neutral, non-offensive natural aroma.


What’s Special About The Design?

YSL’s worst kept secret for volumised lashes? The patent-pending double-conical brush that builds oversized lashes. Featuring their biggest brush to date, the YSL Extreme Volume Lash Clash Mascara is here to make an impact; an accessory in its own right, the mascara’s sleek black tube ,wrapped in YSL gold detailing, catches the eye instantly.


How Do You Use It?

Achieve extreme lashes with just five steps:

1. SWEEP: Start applying the YSL Extreme Volume Lash Clash Mascara at the root of the lash and sweep the wand upwards, separating your lashes as you go.

2. LIFT: Apply the second layer by holding the mascara at the root of the lashes; wiggle the mascara brush and lift to your lash tip.

3. ZIG-ZAG UP: For the third coat, apply to your lashes and zig-zag upwards.

4. ZAG-ZAG DOWN: For the fourth coat, apply on top of your lashes and sweep the mascara wand upwards for massive impact.

5. FLICK: Flick the brush through the lashes to separate each lash. On the inner and bottom lashes, use just the tip of the brush.


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