Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum Review

Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum Review


Just one year after the launch of Burberry Hero Eau de Toilette, a new signature has joined the mix: Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum. And if you’re a fan of the original, you need to try it. Wondering why? Read on for my full review of Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum…


What Our Team Thought…


This Fragrance Smells Like…

Hero by Burberry kickstarts with the aromatic, forest-floor scent of pine needles for an instant feeling of freshness. But it doesn’t take long for the fragrance to warm through as two ambery notes unite in the heart. The warm, vanilla note of benzoin is laced with fiery incense, resulting in a rich, intense and ultra-sexy heart with a smoky vanilla vibe. The base of the fragrance features a trio of warm cedarwood oils for a multidimensional cedarwood scent that is somehow luminous, soft and comforting all at once.

Adam Driver for Burberry Hero fragrance campaign

What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

I’d be surprised if anyone who’s seen Burberry’s 2021 Hero advert does not remember it. It’s personally one of my favourite fragrance adverts of the year. With Adam Driver as the face of the fragrance, the ad blurs the lines between man and animal, reality and fiction. This time, Driver’s back in a campaign that’s directed by Jonathan Glazer and shot by Mario Sorrenti, which challenges the stereotypes of masculinity with another dramatic, mythical vision.

The scent itself has been created to explore an enticing new side of heroism, particularly the courage to embrace who you truly are. Created to honour the individual on a journey of self-discovery, the horse has been chosen as a powerful creature to represent the hero’s personal strength – physical or inner strength.

Burberry Hero EDT and EDP

You Will Love This If…

If you’re already a fan of Hero Eau de Toilette by Burberry but want a warmer, woodier, and more ambery take on the signature, then you’ll love Hero Eau de Parfum. It has an instantly more aromatic, resinous tone than the original, thanks to pine notes, before offering a warmer, smokier heart.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

Naturally, Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum shares similarities with the Eau de Toilette in the Burberry Hero collection. But whilst the EDT honours a trio of cedarwood at its heart, the Eau de Parfum makes these the star of the base instead and takes you on a more aromatic and more ambery journey until you reach that base.

Burberry Hero eau de perfume with cedarwood note

Is Burberry Hero Unisex?

This is being marketed as a man’s fragrance. It has a traditionally masculine side due to its rich woody tones, but many of us here at Escentual consider it to have universal appeal.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum is really long-lasting – it lasted a solid eight hours when I tested it on my skin.

Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum for Men Review

What’s Special About The Bottle?

Just like the scent itself, the bottle for Hero Eau de Parfum is a stronger, deeper and darker take on the 2021 Eau de Toilette bottle. The Eau de Parfum has a rich oak and gold-tone – inspired by the house codes – that offers a bold new take on the double-walled glass Hero bottle created by designer Riccardo Tisci.


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