Gallinee Clear & Microbiome Food Supplement Review

Gallinee Clear & Microbiome Food Supplement Review


Meet the first-ever supplement that works with your gut microbiome to help reduce the appearance of inflamed acne and prevent future breakouts. Created by Dr Marie Drago, the founder of Gallinee, these revolutionary capsules help populate your guts with resident good bacteria to help clear your skin. Discover how you can manage your breakouts from the inside out with these daily supplements…


The Most Important Thing About This Food Supplement Is…

The Clear & Microbiome Supplement offers an innovative alternative to tackling acne. When a breakout hits, most of us reach for toners and cleansers, which can strip the skin of all bacteria regardless of their nature being good or bad. The same approach is taken in the gut, with the two most common solutions to blemishes being antibiotics, Roaccutane, isotretinoin and benzoyl peroxide. Gallinee offers a solution that works alongside your good bacteria to balance out the negative effect of bad bacteria helping your skin from the inside out.

The small microbiome-friendly capsules are easy to swap into your morning routine so that you can get the benefits in seconds. Each pot is a monthly dose and contains 30 capsules.

Gallinee Clear & Microbiome Food Supplement Review

What Skin Type Is It For?

The Clear and Microbiome Supplements are specially made for those struggling with sensitive skin that is acne and breakout-prone.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re looking to add an extra step to your acne skincare routine, the Gallinee Clear & Microbiome Food Supplements are a great place to start. Gallinee, is an ingestible capsule you can take alongside your daily vitamins and supplements to help combat those pesky breakouts.


Hero Ingredients:

To put it simply, the hero ingredient of these capsules is live probiotics and prebiotics, also known as good bacteria. The two strains of probiotics, Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus GG and Lactococcus lactis spp lactis HA136, work together to soothe the skin while producing vinegar in your gut that helps rid your gut of bad bacteria that causes acne. The prebiotic insulin found in chicory helps to boost the effects of the probiotics.

Each capsule also contains nettle, renowned for its soothing and clearing skin capabilities, which are strengthened with zinc. This blend protects the skin from oxidative stress and boosts skin regeneration to prevent scarring, so skin appears fresh and radiant over time. And to top it off, all the ingredients inside are of natural origin.

Gallinee Clear & Microbiome Food Supplement Review

What Does It Feel Like?

The capsule is small, easy to take and has a hard outer shell.


What Does It Taste Like?

It has no taste.


How Do You Use The Product?

Take a capsule once a day before a meal with water for optimum results. Use for at least two months to see increased effects. Use the Gallinee Vinegar Gelle to manage the effects of the skin from the outside.


What’s Special About The Design?

The vegetable capsules are packed in eco-friendly packing. The jar and aluminium lid can be recycled after use or reused. The box is made from FSC, responsibly sourced cardboard, and can also be recycled after use.



Dermatologist-tested. Cruelty-free. Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.


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