The Estée Lauder Power Pair You Need To Try

The Estee Lauder Power Pair You Need To Try

Renew and revitalise your skin in two simple steps with the Estee Lauder Power Pair: the Advanced Night Repair Serum and the Revitalising Supreme+ Creme. The anti-ageing duo promises firmer, more glowing, plumped skin with a blend of moringa extract, hibiscus and hyaluronic acid. The pair perfectly complement each other for outstanding results; 89% agreed skin felt firmer in just three weeks*, whilst 87% of women said their skin felt instantly plumped**.

The Estee Lauder Power Pair contains active ingredients to brighten, plump and smooth your skin. The simple 2-step routine targets ageing skin needs with a blend of exclusive moringa extract, 99% naturally derived hibiscus morning bloom and hyaluronic acid to reveal radiant, youthful skin.

I had to put these big claims to the test! So, I enlisted the help of our Business Analyst, Cath, to trial the anti-ageing duo over three weeks with consistent daily use. Let’s find out why she’s the right person for the job…


Why Did You Want To Try The Estee Lauder Power Pair?

“I’ve always bought mid-priced moisturisers, and I’ve never been that fussy about what I use as I feel they are all the same. In the past, I’ve used the likes of Liz Earl, Clinique and many French Pharmacy brands – I was super excited to see if Estee Lauder skincare lived up to its price tag and iconic status. I have tried the Advanced Night Serum before and loved it! I wanted to see if the ‘power pair’ combination enhanced my current routine and helped combat some of my key concerns.”

Read on to see Cath’s results and determine whether she’d use the anti-ageing Power Pair again…

Estee Lauder Power Pair Review


Tell Us About Your Skin Type And Concerns…

Skin Type: Dry
Skin Concerns: Ageing, dryness and sensitivity.

“I’ve been sold anti-ageing creams but found that they weren’t rich enough for my dry skin. I struggle with dullness and uneven skin texture; I often find that my makeup doesn’t sit well on top of my skin. To combat this, I have been using many different serums for the last five years, and I find that a three-step skincare regime works well for my skin.”


What Results Have You Seen During Your 3-Week Trial?

Stand Out Results
•  Improvement in skin texture and tone
•  Firmer and plump skin (especially around the cheeks and neck)
•  Long-lasting hydration

“I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my skin texture and tone. I wouldn’t go without my CC Cream to cover up my skin in the past, but I now feel confident enough not to wear makeup. My skin is firmer and plumper, especially around my cheeks; they now look more refined.

I 100% feel that the Estee Lauder Power Pair lives up to its hype. Even after the first day, my sister complimented me on the appearance of my skin, and I was barefaced! If you’re looking for instant results, I’d highly recommend this duo; my skin gets better and better each day. The textures are fantastic and instantly sink into my skin without a greasy residue. No reactions, no redness; my skin is better than I thought it could ever be.”

The Estee Lauder Power Pair You Need To Try

How Do You Feel The Power Pair Enhanced Each Other?

“They’re just meant to be together! My results are a testimony to how well this pair complimented each other. The two textures layer well! My top tip would be to apply the serum first and wait a few minutes before applying the moisturiser. Since trying the routine, I’ve also added the Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Gel-Creme, and I’d highly recommend it.

After each application, my skin feels soft and looks dewy all day. Even the office aircon doesn’t dry my skin; I feel hydrated day to night.”

The Estee Lauder Power Pair You Need To Try: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum


Do You Have Any Tips For Using The Power Pair?

“My top tip would be to prep your skin before applying the duo. I’d always cleanse and tone beforehand; I’ve been fully converted to the range and purchased the Advanced Night Cleanser. If you suffer from redness or sensitivity, I’d recommend keeping your Advanced Night Serum in the fridge for a cool, soothing feeling.”

The Estee Lauder Power Pair You Need To Try: Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Youth Power Creme


Will You Continue To Use The Power Pair?

“Absolutely! I have already stocked up. After trying the Power Pair, I think investing more in your skincare to achieve amazing results is great. I will always buy the Estee Lauder Advanced Night range; its lightweight textures and long-lasting care are worth paying the extra compared to the mid-range stuff. I tell everyone about this Power Pair and recommend it to all my friends – I think I should get a commission.”

*Consumer testing on 543 women after 3 weeks.
**Consumer testing on 110 women after a single product application


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