Darphin Eclat Sublime Dual Rejuvenating Micro-Serum Review

Darphin Eclat Sublime Dual Rejuvenating Micro-Serum Review

Darphin has introduced the Eclat Sublime Skincare Collection for 2023, and fans of the 8-Flower Golden Nectar will be overjoyed. The Eclat Sublime range captures the rejuvenating properties and luxurious texture of the Golden Nectar Face Oil, offering the full routine. But what makes the launch even more exciting is its new addition: the Darphin Eclat Sublime Dual Rejuvenating Micro-Serum. Its skin-strengthening formula works to replenish and rebuild your skin for a radiant, smooth and renewed complexion…


The Most Important Thing About This Darphin Eclat Sublime Micro-Serum Is…

Crafted with Darphin 65 years of expertise in botanical skincare. The Eclat Sublime Micro-Serum harnesses the power of 95% natural ingredients for targeted multi-action on your skin barrier. Its blend of pepti-botanical 8 complex and duo bio-optimizers helps to rebuild the skin barrier and stimulate collagen production to smooth fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful, radiant complexion.


What Skin Type Is It For?

All skin types can enjoy the Eclat Sublime Dual Micro-Serum. Its non-comedogenic (so, won’t clog pores) formula is also great for those with oily skin.


You Will Love This If…

If you’ve been struggling with a damaged or weakened skin barrier from harsh skincare, prescription medication or sun exposure, the Eclat Sublime Serum will help you restore your skin. Those concerned with fine lines, wrinkles and dullness will love this collagen-boosting formula that leaves your skin youthful and radiant.


Hero Ingredients:

The Darphin Rejuvenating Micro-Serum contains a 360 barrier integrity complex to repair, strengthen and protect your skin. Hydrolyzed yeast protein work to repair your damaged skin barrier. A three-flower blend of Lythrum salicaria extract, Leontopodium alpinum extract and passiflora incarnata flower extract join together to strengthen your skin barrier. Added vitamin E helps to protect your skin from external aggressors that could weaken your barrier. A radiance-boosting blend of fermented centella asistica and three nourishing oils work to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.


What Does It Feel Like?

The serum’s luxurious texture is to die for; its unique dual-phase design contains supercharged water and oil-in-capsules to deliver the efficacy and lightweight texture of a serum and the nourishing comfort of an oil.


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What Does It Smell Like?

The serum has a refreshing yet comforting green scent with a touch of citrus.


How Do You Use The Product?

Apply in the morning and night to clean skin before following up with your favourite face cream. Avoid your eye area.


What’s Special About The Design?

The Darphin Eclat Sublime Micro-Serum is a luxurious addition to any routine. Its glass bottle is dipped in gold for an ombre effect that reveals pearls of oil inside. Its pump is easy to use for mess-free application and arrives with a collar that can be reapplied for leak-free travel.





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