The 10 Best Lancome Beauty Icons Of All Time

Best Lancome beauty icons of all time

Did you know that we currently have over 150 Lancome products on-site? Yep, that’s a lot of beauty to wade through. If, however, you’re looking to start your Lancome journey and that number feels a little bit daunting, fear not: I’m here to help. I’ve gathered together a list of the best Lancome beauty products – from La Vie to Teint Idole – so you know where to start. So, if you’ve ever wondered what Lancome product is best, keep reading – this edit is made for you.

Equally, if you’re already a diehard Lancome fan but you’re fancying a reminder on why the icons are so good (because yes, they really are), you’re going to want to stick around too…


1. The Sparkling Signature

Best Lancome fragrance: Lancome La Vie Est Belle L'Eau de Parfum


The Icon: Lancome La Vie Est Belle L’Eau de Parfum

Why It’s An Icon: If you’ve ever thought, ‘which Lancome perfume is best?’, I’d have to tell you that it’s all down to personal preference. And then I’ll probably say: ‘Scrap that – it’s hands down La Vie Est Belle.’ Why? It’s one of the best-selling women’s fragrances out there. Not just from Lancome, but across the board. And, it’s my personal favourite Lancome fragrance of all time.

If you don’t already know what Lancome La Vie Est Belle smells like, you need to try it. But even if you haven’t yet had a chance to (knowingly) sniff this signature scent, you’ll at least recognise it from the advert. It’s got to be one of the most successful perfume campaigns out there which isn’t surprising with beloved actor, Julia Roberts, as the face of La Vie.

Now, the scent itself is just as iconic as the face of the fragrance. It’s packed with dazzling fruits and berries and a velvety blend of white florals. In the heart, the iris pallida butter note shines. This sparkling powdery note has been exclusively created for Lancome by three world-renowned French perfumers – you only get the finest quality with La Vie. You’ll also find a generous splash of earthy, woody patchouli. To me, the best note has to be the sweet, cosy and yet still sensual vanilla note – delicious.

And this icon just keeps getting better; it’s now refillable, using up to 50% less glass, 46% less cardboard, and 46% less plastic.

2. The Rose-Powered Perfume

Best Lancome perfume: Lancome Idole Eau de Parfum

The Icon: Lancome Idole Eau de Parfum

Why It’s An Icon: Lancome smashed it out of the park when they got Julia Roberts on board for La Vie Est Belle, so it was a tough act to follow. But, then they only went and got globally-adored actor and singer, Zendaya, for their next biggest perfume moment: Idole.

This Lancome legend is actually dedicated to the icons of the real world: the everyday women who feel inspired to shape the future. In fact, the perfume was even created by three female perfumers: Shyamala Maisondieu, Nadege Le Garlantezec and Adriana Medina.

But what does Idole smell like? For starters, you’ll find plenty of rose petals in it, which will make loyal fans of the brand smile, knowing that Lancome have adopted the rose as their emblem.  So although the scent of Idole starts off with a kiss of sparkling bergamot, it’s the rose-and-jasmine heart that steals the show. The perfume is also home to a snuggly soft Clean Chypre Accord, which mimics the airy freshness of just-washed white linen.

Another thing that sets Idole apart from the rest? When it was released, it clinched the top spot as the slimmest perfume bottle in history at just 15mm thick – the design is instantly recognisable.


3. The Nickname-Worthy Liquid Toner

Best Lancome toner: Lancome Tonique Confort Re-Hydrating Comforting Toner

The Icon: Lancome Tonique Confort Re-Hydrating Comforting Toner

Why It’s An Icon: You know a beauty product is good when it has a nickname. And for lots of skincare lovers, this isn’t known as the Tonique Confort Re-Hydrating Comforting Toner (understandably so). It’s known as the ‘big pink lotion’.

The top-selling big pink lotion is a post-cleansing product that softens, hydrates and comforts your skin in seconds. The creamy, pale pink colour is deceiving – it might trick you into forgetting that this is a toner as it’s a lot more luxurious than other facial toners you might have tried. As a toner, it’s going to help clear away any remaining impurities or left over cleanser that didn’t get washed away during your cleansing routine. Who loves the Lancome Tonique Toner? Skincare fans and makeup artists alike.


4. The Dual-Phased Facial Cleanser

Best Lancome makeup remover: Lancome Bi-Facil Non-Oily Instant Cleanser for Sensitive Eyes

The Icon: Lancome Bi-Facil Non-Oily Instant Cleanser for Sensitive Eyes

Why It’s An Icon: If you said the words ‘bi-phase cleanser’ to me, my mind would instantly picture the two-toned pretty blues of the Bi-Facil Non-Oily Instant Cleanser. That’s because this is the makeup remover I personally use when I want to get rid of stubborn waterproof mascara. I swear by it. And I’m not the only one who does.

Lancome’s classic dual-phased eye makeup remover is loved all over the world for its ultra-effective cleansing powers. Not sure how to use the Bi-Facil Instant Cleanser? Think of it like James Bond’s signature drink: shaken, not stirred. When shaken, the oil-and-water formula will momentarily mix together to offer a lightweight cleansing solution that will melt and lift away even the most stubborn eye makeup. The oil will help break down makeup whilst the watery phase helps sweep it away, all without making your eyes feel greasy or irritated – it’s even suitable for sensitive eyes with no tugging, irritation or stinging allowed.


5. The Full Coverage Foundation

Best Lancome foundation: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation

The Icon: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation

Why It’s An Icon: If you were to ask me, ‘What is the best Lancome foundation?’, I’d have to say Teint Idole. It’s next level.

As Lancome’s best-selling liquid foundation, Teint Idole Ultra Wear has a loyal fan base. But why are beauty lovers around the world so obsessed with it? To start, it delivers comfortable, cake-free full coverage for 24 hours. Add on the fact that it’s transfer-free and smudge-free, and you’ve got an iconic foundation that people are unsurprisingly very loyal to.

But the thing that really sets the Teint Idole foundation apart from the rest is its active ingredients: it offers increased comfort levels and ultra‑long wear, thanks to Eternalsoft Polymers, while NAI pigments ensure that colour stays true all day long – it won’t oxidise and get darker as you wear it. To complete the mix, Lancome have added two highly efficient oil‑absorbing ingredients – perlite and silica – to keep unwanted shine at bay.


6. The Bold Lip Colour

Best Lancome lipstick: Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick

The Icon: Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick

Why It’s An Icon: The gold standard Lancome lipstick, L’Absolu Drama delivers the ultimate bold matte finish, no matter the shade. All about long-lasting comfort and colour, the powdery matte lip was already iconic, but the latest iteration of the formula is the best it’s ever been. It’s now enriched with pure pigments to allow for an intense, crisp swipe of colour, while rose extract ensures long-lasting comfort. It’s also now held in a new high-end luxury case, carefully crafted in France to remind you of Lancome’s glamorous French heritage.

Our current top-seller here at Escentual? Shade 196 – French Touch: a stunning matte burnt orange. You’ll often find 388 – Rose Lancome and 505 – Attrape Coeur vying for the top spot too.


7. The Volumising Mascara

Best Lancome mascara: Lancome Hypnose Custom-Wear Volume Mascara

The Icon: Lancome Hypnose Custom-Wear Volume Mascara

Why It’s An Icon: If you blindfold a Lancome makeup fan and pass them Hypnose, the chances are they’ll guess what it is just through touch; its hour-glass shape is unique to the Hypnose line. Despite the fact that the design has been updated slightly since the Hypnose Mascara first launched back in 2004, the best-selling formula within has remained exactly the same.

Made for all types of lashes, this icon is arguably the best Lancome mascara out there. It’s designed to deliver up to 8 times more visible volume – without clumping. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, the buildable, lash-separating SoftSculpt ™ formula leaves lashes feeling soft and supple, thanks to provitamin B5. That’s why the question of ‘what’s Lancome’s best mascara’ is often answered with the word ‘Hypnose’.


8. The Award-Winning Facial Serum

Best Lancome serum: Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

The Icon: Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

Why It’s An Icon: If you’re looking for the best Lancome serum, this is it. A true icon and fan-favourite, there’s a reason why Advanced Genifique is a Harper’s Bazaar Best Of The Best 2021 award-winner.

Inspired by microbiome science, Genifique restores healthy, younger-looking skin. Your skin is strengthened against damaging environmental aggressors, including the likes of pollution and temperature changes.

The thing that sets the Lancome Advanced Genifique Serum above and beyond, and makes it an award-winner, is its active ingredients. The result of 20 years or research and no less than nine patents – yep, you heard that right: nine – the serum is powered by seven prebiotic and probiotic derived extracts, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C (AKA all the things that create healthy, youthful skin). Shown to improve seven key signs of ageing – dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, pores, uneven tone, texture, and a loss of firmness – it’s no wonder why Advanced Genifique is globally adored.


9. The Luxuriously Soft Face Cream

Best Lancome moisturiser: Lancome Absolue Soft Cream

The Icon: Lancome Absolue Soft Cream

Why It’s An Icon: This is yet another Lancome classic that celebrates the rose. All about skin surface cell renewal for a soft, supple and comfortable complexion, the luxuriously soft glow-boosting moisturiser features Lancome’s Grand Rose Extracts with Lancome Rose, Rose Damascena and Centifolia Rose – any rose expert will know just how widely respected these premium high quality florals are.

The moisturiser is also an absolute joy to use. When you first dip your fingertip into the cream, you’ll notice how thick and luscious it feels. But then you apply it, and its pale pink cream melts on the skin for a velvety soft finish that feels weightless and still well-nourished – just as you’d expect from an icon.


10. The Tech-Powered Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

Best Lancome skincare: Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift Redefining Lifting Cream SPF15 - All Skin Types

The Icon: Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift Redefining Lifting Cream SPF15 – All Skin Types

Why It’s An Icon: Renergie is the master of anti-ageing. The thing that makes this moisturiser so impressive – and so well-loved – is the fact that it’s Lancome’s first-ever firming face cream that’s powered by MT technology. This clever tech creates firmer-feeling, tighter skin as the cream targets everything from wrinkles to dullness, without compromising on the feel of hydrated skin.

You can get this cult-status cream in a richer version made for dry skin, but it’s the version for all skin types that continues to be a top-seller here at Escentual.


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