Erborian CC Body Perfecting Tinted Body Cream Review

Erborian CC Body Perfecting Tinted Body Cream 120ml

Attention all Erborian-lovers; your favourite CC Cream is now available for your body – the Erborian CC Body Cream! Just like the original CC Cream, it’s infused with skincare to nourish your skin and formulated with adaptable pigments that adjust to your skin tone. It acts like a body foundation would, without the transfer. It’s great at covering knocks and bumps, or smoothing over your skin to give it an airbrushed finish.


The Most Important Thing About Erborian CC Body Cream Is…

This CC cream is a tinted body moisturiser. It contains encapsulated pigments that adapt to your skin tone and perfect it with a natural-looking tan. You might think of it as a self-tanner, but it doesn’t contain tanning agents. The cream evens your skin tone, blurs out any imperfections and gives your skin a radiant glow like a self-tanner, but you can wash it off in the shower.

It’s also not just a foundation for the body. Unlike standard foundation, the formula does not stain or transfer onto clothes and is formulated with Korean skincare ingredients that optimally nourish the skin.


Erborian CC Body Perfecting Tinted Body Cream

What Does It Look Like On?

The cream started off white, but immediately transformed into a unique shade that matches my skin tone as soon as I massaged the cream into my skin. At first, it appeared slightly orange, but this disappeared as I worked it in more. I’d say the coverage was light to medium, but buildable. It made my skin look visibly smoother and more even.

Review of Erborian CC Body Perfecting Tinted Body Cream 120ml

What Skin Type Is It For?

This cream is designed to work with all skin types and tones. It has been tested on different skin tones in South Africa. From phototype I, which describes a light, ivory skin shade to phototype V, a dark brown skin shade, this tinted body cream adapts perfectly to every skin tone.

You Will Love This If…

I highly recommend this CC cream if you have any unevenness on your skin, or as an alternative to self-tanners, as it works instantly and is easy to wash off.

Hero Ingredients:

The innovative formula blends makeup with skincare for instant and lasting results.
The CC cream contains encapsulated pigments that melt when they come in contact with your skin and turn into a colour that’s suitable for your skin tone. It’s also formulated with Erborian’s own Centella Asiatica, a Korean technology that soothes the skin and boosts its firmness and elasticity.

Erborian CC Body Perfecting Tinted Body Cream on skin

What Does It Feel Like?

It leaves my skin feeling super soft and moisturised. At first, I was worried that it would feel heavy or sticky on the skin, but the CC cream is ultra-lightweight and absorbs quickly. I forget that I’m wearing it!


What Does It Smell Like?

The formula has a creamy scent that is not overwhelming; it’s subtle and pleasant.
Erborian CC Body Perfecting Tinted Body Cream review

What’s Special About The Design?

The CC cream comes in a tube. As it is squeezable, it makes it easy to retrieve the product. I also love the slim shape of the bottle. I can easily pop it in my bag and take it with me while travelling.


How Do You Use It?

This CC cream is used like any other body cream. As it’s a colour-adapting formula, I recommend using your hands, so the heat from your skin can help the correct pigment levels melt into your skin. Allow the cream to dry on your skin for a few minutes to ensure there won’t be any product transfer when it comes into contact with your clothes. You can wash off the product with your usual body wash to remove it. Remember to apply the CC cream before your sunblock, as it doesn’t contain SPF.



The CC cream was tested under dermatological supervision.


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