Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Parfum Review

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Parfum Review

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Parfum captures the essence of the ocean with its fresh and invigorating scent, making you feel as if you’re standing on the shores of the Mediterranean sea.


This Fragrance Smells Like…

The fragrance opens with a refreshing wave of zesty citrus fruits that gives way to spicy-woody incense notes. Sweet vanilla completes the scent and adds a sensual touch that leaves a lasting creamy-warm finish on the skin. The fragrance masterfully blends contrasting zesty notes with rich spices. It reminds me of the ocean with a salty sea breeze. The fragrance is perfect for warm weather and outdoor activities, making you feel refreshed and revitalised throughout the day.


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Parfum Spray

Inspired by the Luna Rossa sailing team, this fragrance is a tribute to the team’s passion for sailing and their love for the ocean. The scent embodies the modern adventurer, who can push beyond what was deemed possible with physical and intellectual strength coupled with technological innovation. The face of the scent is actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who embodies the spirit of the fragrance with his adventurous and free-spirited personality.


You Will Love This If…

If you like the freshness of Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Toilette, but are looking for a longer-lasting, more intense fragrance, Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Parfum is the one for you. It takes its predecessor’s fresh and spicy notes, creating an energising and dynamic fragrance that lingers on the skin for hours.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

This fragrance is the more powerful version of Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Toilette. The Eau de Toilette opted for flowers like iris and lavender at its heart, the EDP uses spicy incense instead, giving it a unique and bold twist.


Is Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Parfum Unisex?

The fragrance is unisex and can be worn by anyone who enjoys fresh and aquatic scents.


What’s The Longevity Like?

The longevity of Prada Luna Rossa Ocean is impressive, as it lasts for more than the standard 4 to 5 hours that you would expect from an Eau de Parfum.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

The bottle design is as modern and elegant as a sleek, dynamic sailing boat. The dark blue colour reflects the colour of the deep Atlantic ocean. The red dot on the black cap symbolises the “Luna Rossa”, the red moon, which gives the collection its name.


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