Urban Decay Quickie Concealer Swatches

Urban Decay Stay Naked Quickie Concealer shade range

I’m here to help you find your shade match for Urban Decay Quickie Concealer. I’ve reviewed the formula and the shades, so I thought creating a condensed swatch post for you to see the shades together and on models to help you choose the right colour made sense. Scroll to pick your shade…


Find Out About The Formula

Urban Decay Quickie Concealer Review


The Swatches

This gives you a total view of all of the shades so you can compare and contrast. It also helps to visually see the difference between the tones of each numbered shade.

Here’s a breakdown to help you find your perfect shade…


  • shades 10-30 = fair
  • shades 40-50 = light
  • shades 50-70 = medium
  • shades 80-91 = dark


  • NN = neutral
  • CP = cool pink
  • WY = warm yellow
  • WO = warm orange
  • WR = warm red


swatches of urban decay quickie concealer

Shade 10NN

Image of Urban decay quickie concealer in 10nn

Shade 20CP

Shade 20NN

Shade 30CP

Shade 30NN

Shade 40CP

Shade 40WO

Shade 40WY

Shade 40NN

Shade 41NN/h3>

Shade 50W0

Shade 50NN

Shade 50WY

Shade 60WO

Shade 60NN

Shade 70NN

Shade 70WR

Shade 80NN

Shade 280WO

Shade 90WR

Need Help?

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