GUERLAIN Noir G The Graphic Liner Review

Image of GUERLAIN Noir G The Graphic Liner High Precision Eyeliner Pen in Black

I love wearing liquid eyeliner. I stand a little taller when I’m rocking a killer cat-eye. That said, finding a good liquid eyeliner is no easy feat. Many I’ve tried in the past are messy to use, take ages to dry, or don’t last all day. So, when I find a good formula, I don’t gatekeep. That’s why I’m sharing Guerlain’s latest launch with you. The best liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used (so far): The Graphic Liner. Here’s why I love it…


You Will Love The Graphic Liner If…

If you love wearing liquid eyeliner but haven’t found a formula that’s black enough or lasts all day (it’s smudge-proof and waterproof), add this to your basket. If you struggle to achieve a flawless finish, this pen’s fine tip will help you to perfect your application.


What Does It Do?

It’s a liquid eyeliner pen that creates intense, ultra-pigmented lines. Whether you prefer a pared-back simple thin look or experimenting with graphic lines or cat flicks, this versatile liner can do it all.


How Does It Do It?

The formula is natural-origin charcoal; this is the ingredient behind its jet-black colour. In the past, I have had to layer liners up to get the intensity I want. Not anymore – I achieved the effect I wanted in one swipe with this eyeliner pen.


What Does It Smell And Feel Like?

The eyeliner doesn’t have a smell. It’s an ink pen, so the texture itself is wet, but it dries down very quickly. That said, once it dries, it’s set and won’t move anywhere. I even rubbed it after applying it to test this, and it didn’t move.

How Long Before You Need To Reapply?

Guerlain claims that it stays put for 24 hours. I tested it for 10 hours, and it didn’t smudge or fade at all. I even went on a lunchtime walk, and the wind was intense, which usually caused my eyes to water and my liner to run – not this time!


Best Place and Time To Use It?

The eyeliner is very versatile, which means it’ll become a staple in your everyday and evening makeup routine. Whether you want a natural or bold look, it’s a perfect choice.


The Graphic Liner Design and Aesthetic Is Special Because…

In true Guerlain style, it’s chic. It’s a slimline black pen that sits comfortably in the hand and has an ultra-fine point tip.


My Overall Experience

It’s my new favourite eyeliner. I just need Guerlain to launch it in brown now! I love it mostly for its longevity – there’s nothing worse than eyeliner smudging after you’ve spent what feels like hours applying it. But its colour pigment is worth shouting about. Other eyeliners I’ve tried have a very dull colour, and you have to layer up to get a rich colour payoff which can end in disaster. In one swipe, this eyeliner looks sharp and jet black.


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