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What happens when 100 beauty lovers trial 7 completely anonymous cleansing milks
over a period of 14 days? The Ultimate Cleansing Milk Edit, a compendium of impartial
reviews that give an honest opinion on some of the most popular milks on the market.

Ready to find your favourite?
Secret de Purete Cleansing Milk
“ Luxurious, silky, soft ”

Our respondents adored the scent and texture of this luxurious milk cleanser from Guerlain.

“ Used this for a week, twice a day and my skin and its moisture levels improved immensely. Friends actually commented on how good my skin was looking and asked what I was using or what I changed for that matter. And I'm telling you, that never happens. ”
“ Sample A was without a doubt my favourite cleanser, it ticked all the boxes and I can't wait to find out which one it is! ”
“ Really lovely cleanser, I would definitely purchase this as it is amazing. Nice and delicate on my skin which is perfect if you have sensitive skin like mine and my skin was left feeling hydrated and clean. ”
Its ultra sensorial application was a huge hit and it made skin feel fresh, but reviews felt other cleansers performed better in the comfort stakes.
Cleansing Milk Normal Skin
“ Fresh, gentle, effective ”

With its gel-creme texture and cooling feeling, Clarins performed well in the texture and comfort categories.

“ Gentle on the skin and yet effective at taking off eye make-up and mascara, I'm really quite fond of this one. ”
“ I loved the soothing, gel-like consistency of Sample B. It removed makeup quickly; even waterproof mascara and the scent was really nice yet not too overpowering. ”
“ This was definitely my favourite, the scent is so comforting and a real pleasure to apply each morning and night. Skin felt supple afterwards and it did a good job at removing makeup including eye makeup. ”
Its emphasis is on freshness and it performed well here, but reviews felt that other cleansers were more efficient when removing every last trace of makeup.
Gentle Cleansing Milk
“ Light, zesty, soothing ”

Enhanced clarity and improved moisturisation is where this gentle cleansing milk from Caudalie excelled.

“ Very little scent and had a lovely light texture. Left no residue on the skin and my skin felt clean and comfortable after use. ”
“ This milk feels like it would be ideal for sensitive skin as it feels and smells more natural than the rest in the trial. ”
“ The very light scent was nice and natural, a bit like oats/wheat. My skin felt really clean afterwards, and it was moisturising. ”
The stronger scent and thinner texture didn't strike a chord with our reviewers, but they loved how clean their skin felt after use.
Purete Thermale Soothing Cleansing Milk Normal Skin
“ Delicate, silky, refreshing ”

In terms of freshness and makeup removal, this cleanser knocked it out of the park!

“ Smells like baby powder! A little goes a long way, quite a wonderful little milk. ”
“ My favourite of the lot, really fresh and made my skin clean but balanced, lovely! ”
“ Love the smell! More of a fragrance than others but really clean scent. Left my skin feeling smooth and soft and also removed all makeup including waterproof eye makeup really well! Would use again for sure! ”
Vichy are well known for their soothing formulas and this cleansing milk is no different, offering comfort, moisture and suppleness in abundance.
DermatoCLEAN Mild Cleansing Milk
“ Balancing, smooth, cooling ”

The most affordable cleanser on our list packed a huge punch in all categories.

“ I loved it. It's rather cooling on the skin and scent-less, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. ”
“ Sample E was by far my favourite. My skin looked radiant after using this, and well hydrated. It did a great job at removing my makeup and left my skin even and clear. This would be great for those with sensitive skin. ”
“ This was my favourite of the bunch as it left skin feeling so smooth - almost as if I'd used an exfoliator beforehand! It was also very hydrating without any greasiness, so I think oilier skin types could actually go without a moisturiser after use. ”
Reviewers loved its ability to quickly and efficiently remove all makeup whilst leaving skin feeling fresh, balanced and moisturised.
Comforting Cleansing Milk with Rose Petals
“ Nourishing, whipped, pampering ”

Comforting by name, comforting by nature!

“ I love this , it's a fabulous creamy texture so you can work it into your face , it wipes off easily and then leaves your skin feeling cleansed, fresh and loved and the scent is perfect. ”
“ This was my favourite, it removed makeup well but felt really nourishing and gentle on my skin. I loved the thicker consistency and the smell. ”
“ Perfect for my slightly drier skin! Skin felt hydrated for the whole day! Love the cream consistency. ”
Our reviewers thought that this was one of the most effective cleansers for improving moisture and suppleness, noting that skin felt velvety after use.
La Roche-Posay
Physiological Cleansing Milk
“ Refreshing, soft, moisturising ”

The all-rounder winner in every category, this ultra-fresh moisturising milk leaves skin feeling petal soft.

“ I loved this! The smell was great and it melted all my makeup off brilliantly, even eyeliner. My face feels very refreshed afterwards and well hydrated. I'd certainly buy this, it felt like a real treat. ”
Claire, Agent Smyth
“ Well there is no fragrance (yay) and it has a beautiful texture! It's cooling on the skin and it's not greasy at all. It removes makeup well too! ”
“ Loved this one, cooling, fresh and moisturising with a lovely light scent. ”
Reviewers noted that there was an improvement in the appearance of their skin, and the milk really enhanced their routines.
The cleansing milks have been rigorously tested, and the votes are in. Here are the bottom line results
for each formula tested, from ultra gentle, sensitive types to formulas that pack a makeup-removing punch.
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