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We invited 100 beauty experts to trial 7 anonymous micellar water bottles over 14 days.
Their detailed findings have been carefully calibrated and transformed into this:
the Ultimate Micellar Water Edit!
Sample - A
Instant cleansing water
“ Silky / Nourishing / Supple ”

According to our respondents, the star feature of Dior's Micellar Water is its silky smooth texture.

“ the texture was very SILKY, almost
OILY which I like. It made my skin feel
HYDRATED, almost nourished, the make-
up came off in a swipe ” - “ it's an overall
winner for me in terms of effectiveness
& how my SKIN felt afterwards! ”
“ Although it wasn't the best at
removing make up, it left such a nice
SUPPLE feeling and felt really gentle! I'd
be more than THRILLED to use this in the
morning before make up and at night
alongside an eye make up remover. ”
“ The lovely SUBTLE scent, good
CLEANSING ability and it made my skin
feel extremely SOFT and not stripped
or dry. The TEXTURE of the cleansing
water was light but felt like using
SILK on my skin! ”
Other notable features were its nourishing qualities and its ability to keep skin feeling supple and soft after use, though many reported that the scent was a little stronger than most.
Sample - B
Micellar cleansing water
with rose petals
“ Calming / Moisturising / Pleasurable”

Described as a great all-rounder, the rose-based Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water received rave reviews for its delicate scent and its calming properties.

“ Good CLEANSING properties, very
moisturising and LOVELY scent. It is
POSITIVE in every aspect. Other cleansers
have good cleansing properties however
the scent is not enjoyable ”
“ It combined a FRESH ROSE
scent and CALMING properties
with NITTY GRITTY removal ”

and a PLEASURE to use ”

It was also found to be pleasurable to use thanks to its balance of cleansing and moisturising qualities.
Sample - C
Make-up remover cleansing
“ Luxurious / Refreshing / Clarifying ”

The grape water-infused Caudalie Cleansing Water was the runaway winner for favourite scent, which was described as refreshing and zesty.

“ It was the BEST sample for removing
makeup and my skin was left feeling very
REFRESHED afterwards. I also loved the
way my skin looked EVENED OUT after
use and it CALMED my skin down ”
“ Felt LUXURIOUS, removed
make up with EASE and was
just amazing. ”

“ BEST overall for my skin type, cleared,
calmed and SOOTHED my skin ”

Zoe Amelia,
It was also the overall winner for pleasure of use thanks to its luxurious texture and its calming effect on the skin.
Sample - D
Eau Thermale
Micellar lotion - cleanser
& make-up remover
“ Smooth / Effective / Great Scent ”

The ultra-smooth texture of this cleanser was appreciated by a number of respondents with sensitive skin, together with its subtle scent and gentle cleansing power.

“ I loved the SMELL! And left my
skin feeling NICE so much so I forgive
it for not taking off my mascara ”
“ Sample D not only smelt
GREAT but my skin felt really
CLEAN afterwards. ”
Holly Arabella,
“ It felt so SMOOTH, like cleansing
with water and has a lovely soft, delicate
scent. Absolutely LOVED it. ”
Although it wasn't the best with waterproof make-up, they reported that their skin was left feeling clean and fresh.
Sample - E
La Roche-Posay
Physiological Micellar Solution
“ Softening / Improved Skin / Comfortable ”

One of the biggest trends spotted from the La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution results was the effect on the skin after using the cleanser.

“ For me, this was a fabulous product.
My skin felt instantly refreshed and
whilst it took a while to remove waterproof
products, it was worth the effort. My skin felt
clean, soft and I'm sure that after prolonged
use my skin would be brighter. ”
“ My skin was left looking so nice after
each use and it also made my skin
appear a lot nicer after makeup had been
applied. All makeup was removed easily,
especially stubborn eye makeup ”

“ Sample E smelt DIVINE but
also REMOVED make up with ease
and left my skin feeling FRESH
and not uncomfortable ”

Respondents noted that the skin felt impeccably soft, with an improved appearance and a comfortable feel.
Sample - F
Sensibio H2O Micelle
“ Effective / Moisturising / Easy ”

The wonderous Bioderma Sensibio H2O water came top of the class on many of the categories, including cleansing and comfort.

“ It was the only sample that actually
REMOVED a very staining red lipstick ” -
“ all of the other samples removed little or some.
F took all of the staining off QUICKLY, without
leaving me feeling sore, or skin looking red.
“ Left skin feeling AMAZING,
PRIMED and ready for make-up ”

“ All around this was GOOD, easy
to use, no scent and my skin felt
the BEST after using this ”

It was also the overall favourite as chosen by the respondents, who reported that it quickly, reliably and thoroughly removed all of their make-up - including lip stains.
Sample - G
Pureté Thermale Calming
Cleansing Micellar Water
“ Cooling / Sensitive / Gentle ”

The Vichy Purete Thermale Micellar Solution offered the best of both worlds.

“ It smells AMAZING, it's great at
REMOVING eye & face makeup, it's
GENTLE and not drying in the
slightest. My FAVOURITE! ”
“ It felt LOVELY and refreshing -
it has a cooling, TIGHTENING effect ”

“ SENSITIVE on my skin, mostly
unscented, not drying and left my
skin feeling FABULOUS! ”

In the top tier for make-up removal and general cleansing, respondents also lauded this micellar water as a particularly cooling and gentle formula which left their skin feeling refreshed.
The votes are in. From cooling and calming formulas to powerhouses that melt away make-up in a few sweeps,
here are the overall final results on the Micellar Water Trial straight from you, the beauty experts...
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