Gorgeous Skin Nourishment.. Avene Extremely Rich Compensating Cream


Now that the awful weather is well and truly upon us, you may start to notice that your skin starts to become a bit, well, rubbish. Harsh winds, dropping temperatures and icy rain play havoc with the delicate equilibrium of the skin, especially when it is already sensitive.

Around this time of year, it’s best to switch your usual moisturiser for a more emollient cream; smoothing on a really soothing formulation will make a enormous difference in protecting your skin.

Avène, as the go-to guys for intensive nourishment, have unveiled a brand new product to help skin out during the tumultuous winter months. The Extremely Rich Compensating Cream provides deep nourishment for very dry, sensitive skin, providing the optimum level of comfort and moisture. The formulation contains Safflower Oil and gorgeously nourishing Shea Butter, along with hydrating Glycerin, the infamous naturally soothing Avène Thermal Spring Water, Vitamin E, and lipid-rich Biocymentine to restore the skin’s natural barrier. The thick texture is easily absorbed into the skin without an oily residue, for a high level of hydration that lasts and lasts.

The Extremely Rich Compensating Cream has been formulated to be extremely gentle for sensitive skin, is free of parabens, has a low mineral and sodium content, and is rich in silica. Added protection from free radicals shields skin from premature aging, helping to restore the skin’s natural barrier. It’s like a hat and gloves for your skin!

Available now, the Extremely Rich Compensating Cream, 50ml jar at £15.50

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