How to Wear your Fragrance

This may at first seem like an obvious topic – of course you know how to wear your fragrance, you wear it every day!

There are, however, some little known tips and tricks for scenting that you may find will help you to get even more out of your fragrance. Take a little look and get ready to experience a beautifully scented day… or night!

1. For a long-lasting effect, fragrance should be layered all over the body. Starting with a fragranced shower gel and a corresponding body lotion, build a fragrance foundation to intensify the scent. Next, liberally spray the matching Eau de Toilette all over the body, or use an Eau de Parfum (albeit more sparingly due to its higher concentration of scent).

2. Because fragrance rises, spray or smooth fragrance onto skin from the feet to the shoulders. If fragrance is applied only behind the ears, it will eventually rise and disappear.

3. The wearer’s diet can affect the way a fragrance smells and lasts on the skin. If the wearer is on a high fat, spicy diet, for example, fragrances will be more intense. A dramatic change in diet can alter skin chemistry, causing fragrances to smell differently.

4. Skin type will also affect the way a fragrance smells on a person. Fragrance wearers with oilier skin should remember that fragrances interact with the oils in their skin to create a more intense scent. Dry skin does not retain fragrance as long as oily skin, requiring the wearer to re-apply the fragrance more often. This is another reason for the ‘fragrance foundation’ of shower gel and scented body lotion.

5. Lightly spraying a scarf or your gloves with your favourite fragrance. This will surround you in a halo of scent, and will make you smile every time you go to put them on. Be careful, though – some fabrics may stain.

6. Once a bottle of perfume is opened it should be used. Otherwise it will begin to fade or change its character with time. Long exposure to strong sunlight or extremes in temperature can disturb the delicate balance of the perfume and change its scent.

7. Apply fragrance directly to the skin when you are testing new scents as you cannot get a true reaction to the fragrance from the bottle. Apply a few drops to your wrist. Allow the heat of the body to develop the fragrance on your skin and then sniff. If you would like to test one or two additional scents, apply one to the other wrist… wait…and then apply the third to the inside bend of the elbow.

8. Don’t make your final judgement on a new fragrance until at least ten minutes after you’ve applied it. By that time the alcohol will have evaporated and the blending of the fragrance with your own skin’s chemistry will give you a true impression.

9. Rather than lug your big fragrance bottle around with you all day, buy a travel spray or a smaller size. This is an ideal way to top up your favourite scent during the day without fear of damaging your perfume bottle. Additionally, many new atomiser sprays make it easier than ever to decant your scent into a smaller size bottle.

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