Holidays are Coming.. Escada Taj Sunset

The rays of summer shine far earlier in the beauty world than the real world. As a winter baby I’m sort of sad to say goodbye to the cosiness of the dark nights so soon, but as soon as I catch a glimpse of a brand new summer nail colour or sniff a gorgeous fruity scent I know I can’t mourn winter for too long.

There are certain launches every year that are guaranteed to stir that dormant summer appreciation in me. In the fragrance world, that accolade belongs firmly to Escada.

This year’s big summer release is Taj Sunset, an overdose of olfactory gorgeousness that is akin to a tropical fruity cocktail complete with a mini parasol and a twirly straw. And perhaps a sparkler.

Escada describe the scent as an “an idyllic moment of dancing barefoot on a picturesque beach in Goa – think beautiful white sand, palm trees swaying and a perfumed breeze awakening the senses as the sun begins to set.“ Sure, I can get on board with that.

For established Escada fans, this release won’t disappoint. A fruity Mango scent with a mellow Coconut Cream twist, this composition has the fruitiness and the vibrancy you’d expect – although it isn’t as sharp as other years (namely Rockin’ Rio and Pacific Paradise). I’d say it was a slightly more universally appealing scent than its predecessors – a balance of both sweet and smooth rather than a straight up tutti frutti blend. Shots of Blood Orange, Raspberry and Pomarose inject a juicy freshness into the composition, whilst a dry down of Sandalwood and Musk ensure the scent lingers close to the skin.

If you read my review of Clarins Water Comfort Cleanser, you’ll know I loved its fresh and fruity scent. The smoothness of the mango in Taj Sunset is remarkably similar to the peachy note in the cleanser, so I’ve pretty much fallen head over heels for this new Escada offering.

A quintessential summer scent to let the sun shine in. Blow out the cobwebs and indulge in a little fruity cocktail goodness.

Check out Escada Taj Sunset here.

Emma x

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