Miss Dior Cherie is becoming Miss Dior!

If you’re a Miss Dior fan, then you’ll know that the iconic perfume line has undergone multiple revamps over the years – and we’ll be the first to admit that it’s easy to get just a little bit confused with each reformulation. So, if you’ve ever been left wondering, ‘which Miss Dior perfume is the original?’ or ‘is Miss Dior Cherie discontinued?’, then you’ve come to the right place. This edit will answer every question you have on the beloved perfume line…

But before we dive straight into the history of Miss Dior, we’ve created a very quick guide to the fragrances below for anyone who’s short of time:

– ‘Miss Dior Originale’ (with yellow-ish liquid and packaging) – Known as ‘Miss Dior’ when it launched in 1947, this was revamped and renamed ‘Miss Dior Originale’ in 2011.
– ‘Miss Dior Cherie’ – This disappeared from our shelves in 2012 as it was renamed ‘Miss Dior’.
– ‘Miss Dior’ (with pink juice and packaging) – The current name for what was previously known as ‘Miss Dior Cherie’.

As a quick trick: if it’s pink-ish, it’s Miss Dior (the former Miss Dior Cherie). If it’s yellowish, it’s the original Miss Dior (the really old one).

But now, let’s dive a little deeper:


2005 – The Age of Miss Dior Cherie

Diehard Dior fans might remember the release of Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum all the way back in 2005. Within a few years of its launch, the perfume secured its status as a fragrance classic; in fact, it was once the fifth best-selling fragrance in the world.

Six years after Christine Nagel’s chypre-fruity Cherie first graced the perfume world, it was updated by expert perfumer Francois Demanchy, who reformulated the original Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum in 2011 to mark a change as the brand opted for a more subtle, sophisticated vision for the future. With a formulation change and a whole new look, the image belonging to the Miss Dior Cherie girl was due an overhaul too; from the blonde party girl to the effortlessly refined Natalie Portman, the scent and face of Dior evolved to match the spirit of the times.


2012 – Goodbye, Cherie, Hello Miss Dior

Surprisingly, just one year after Cherie’s last update, we saw another change. And this change was big.

In 2012, we said farewell to Miss Dior Cherie as we knew her. With this latest reformulation, she gained a completely new name as the fragrance simply became: ‘Miss Dior’. As the new and updated Miss Dior was introduced to the world, the beloved Miss Dior Cherie perfume was sadly discontinued in its existing form, although both perfumes shared similar fragrance notes so as not to disappoint Cherie lovers.


Out With The Old, In With The New

If you’re a life-long Dior fan, then you’d be forgiven for getting confused at this point. After all, Dior loyalists will remember that there already was a ‘Miss Dior’ before the 2012 EDP came into circulation – and this version was Dior’s first-ever fragrance, no less! In fact, Cherie was a flanker to this original Miss Dior, created to draw a younger audience with its audacious strawberry-popcorn tone.

To make way for the fresh, modern, made-for-the-21st-century Miss Dior, the historic 1947 ‘Miss Dior’ gained a new name in 2011. This decades-old fragrance changed to ‘Miss Dior Originale’ – and even now, this perfume acts as a timeless expression of Dior’s signature style. At this point, Miss Dior Originale was also given a slight reworking by Francois Demanchy (yep, the same person behind the 2012 Miss Dior), but its current tone still honours the heavy chypre tones that the world fell in love with in the 40s. And yes, you can still get your hands on Demanchy’s scent today.


2017 – Miss Dior

Five years after Miss Dior’s new look was unveiled, Dior updated Miss Dior EDP again. For many, the standout notes in the 2017 version were rose and patchouli, reflecting the chypre tones of the original ’47 Miss Dior but edging ever-closer to the perfume we have today.


2021 – The Future Of Miss Dior

Just four years after the last revamp, Miss Dior was reinvented yet again to secure her place in 2021 and beyond.

The 2017 scent and packaging has been phased out for an exciting new take on the classic – but of course, Natalie Portman still remains the face of the fragrance a decade on. The good news is that, if you’re a fan of the earlier ‘modern’ Miss Dior perfumes, then you’ll be pleased to know that the essence of the bottle remains, but it’s given a slightly more elegant, chic twist with the new, paler pink perfume within.

The most significant change to the bottle is that the iconic Miss Dior couture bow has been reinvented; harnessing artisanal know-how, the new bow is made of a sparkling fabric that nods to Dior’s high fashion heritage. Just like the bow, the scent of Dior’s 2021 Miss Dior is also a little sparklier!

But we’re sure by this point you’re wondering one thing:

What Does Miss Dior Smell Like?

The 2021 Miss Dior is a sweeter, lighter and crisper scent compared to any of its predecessors. A 2021 Glamour Beauty Award Winner for Best Floral Scent, it steps away from the previous chypre, patchouli-heavy tones and instead opens with a fresh floral tone: sweet soapy lily-of-the-valley, delicate peony and powdery iris, set against a slightly dewy backdrop. Lush and velvety rose unfolds in the heart before softly comforting musks, cosy vanilla, a dash of benzoin and tonka bean encounter creamy sandalwood in the dry down. It’s definitely a world away from the ’47 original.

Now that we know all about the history of this perfume line, you might be left with one final question:

Which Miss Dior Perfume Is The Best?

Of course, this is down to personal preference. But as a general guide, we’d probably say that Dior Originale is better suited to someone who likes heavier, earthier patchouli-powered scents, whereas Miss Dior EDP caters to the young at heart, or someone looking for a sweeter, sparklier and more playful perfume.

[Post updated by Kate Avetoomyan on 12/01/22]


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  • My mother-in-law has worn Miss Dior for as long as I’ve known. Prior to meeting her I too wore Miss Dior and many other Dior products. I have been buying Miss Dior for her for over ten years and can almost guarantee that she will be delighted. I say ‘almost’ because Christmas 2011 was the exception. Dior in their wisdom has decided that they would keep the name of ‘Miss Dior’ but put a total different fragrance in the bottle. What a very clever way to get rid of a product (‘Cherie’ I’m led to believe) that isn’t proving as popular as the original Miss Dior. The ‘Cherie’ fragrance does not compare in any way to the original Miss Dior. It is not a fragrance I would ever choose to purchase although despite moving on to other fragrances myself the original Miss Dior would always appeal to me as a daytime option. The new box clearly states Miss Dior on it and cleverly makes no mention to it being a ‘new’ fragrance. On purchasing it I was not given an option of the old or new Miss Dior although I have since been informed that the original Miss Dior is now called ‘Miss Dior originale’ As far as I was concerned what I had purchased was the original Miss Dior. Needless to say my mother-in-law opened the Miss Dior box and on smelling the perfume was so disappointed. It ruined her Christmas present that she was looking forward to wearing. An excellent PR stunt. Well done Dior! On trying to exchange the perfume I was told that they had sold me ‘what had been asked for’ and because the perfume had been opened it couldn’t be re sold on so an exchange could not be done. I am furious with Dior and will make sure I never purchase any of there products again. I’m sure I won’t be alone with this one.

    • Miss Dior No more

      I have just been given a birthday present of “Miss Dior”, which my poor sister and parents combined together to buy, and on smelling it thought “Either my sense of smell has changed, they’ve been sold a fake bottle, or Dior have changed the scent and are still calling it Miss Dior” Just like Miss Never Again above’s Grannie, I was SO disappointed in the smell, (but I knew that I had to pretend to like it, as it had cost them SO much!) I have only ever worn the “original” Miss Dior, as I can”t stand other perfume smells, and have never been able to afford to buy it for myself, so only have it if it’s given to me as a present; and now I’ve got this great big bottle full of some crap which should have been called Cherie, which I can’t use as it makes me feel sick, nor can I return it to the shop, or give it to anyone as it’s already opened. So annoying.

  • stephanie u

    hello 🙂

    so just to be clear, ‘miss dior’, which should be circulating now that it’s 2012, is the same exact fragrance as ‘miss dior cherie’ (the 2011 version) and that the only difference is the name change? they have not changed the notes or the formula from the 2011 version whatsoever? please let me know! thank you!

    • We’re still in a rather confusing time – as there are still bottles around called Miss Dior and some called Miss Dior Cherie.

      But to make it easy – if the juice is pinkish – it’s exactly the same as the 2011 Miss Dior Cherie – no formulation change, just a name change.
      If the juice is yellow-ish it’s Miss Dior Original (2012) which was known as just ‘Miss Dior’ in 2011 – no formulation change, just a name change.

      If you want Miss Dior Cherie, just check the colour of the juice and go for the pinkish one, and ask an assistant if your’re still not sure.

    • I have been a Miss Dior Cherie user for the past 3 years and love it. Just this morning I had to go to Debenhams to return a bottle of Coco Chanel Madamoiselle (christmas pressie) because still have nearly a full bottle. Having run out of my Miss Dior Cherie I decided to exchange it for this but I couldn’t find it anywhere so asked the assistant. She replied by telling me that Dior have dropped the ‘Cherie’ and it’s now just Miss Dior. I trusted her and purchased a 30ml eau de parfum at £46. I got it home and immediately decided to have a spray. The top note did smell like ‘Cherie’ but after having it on for 1/2 an hour or so I can definitely say it’s NOT the same as ‘Cherie’, the bottom note is far more musky and not my taste at all. I now there’s not much I can do about it so will have to keep it. It’s okay but no where near as nice as ‘Cherie’. I have read up on it and they have tweaked it a little apparently. Not Good!

      • Jan Lott

        Absolutely Blooming, new on Dior’s counter, may please those of you who loved Miss Dior Cherie.So glad I found it !!! Try it you’ll be pleasantly surprised…I was!.

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  • tasleema

    This is utter BS I can’t believe Dior pulled this s*** and then stuck a nobody like Nathalie Hershlag (yes that’s her real surname) on the pr drive. The ONLY reason they changed the scent was to keep in line with new EU cosmetic directives. Dior used to be the fashion house that stuck 2 fingers up at authority and the establishment when they didn’t agree to what they were being told to do. Now they bow down to the slightest bit of pressure. If john galliano hadn’t been sacked he would have fought tooth and nail to preserve the legend of the ’47 Miss Dior and the ’05 Miss Dior cherie. Dior have lost their balls, what they’ve done is sacrilege. Dior cherie was my signature scent since its ’05 release. You have stolen a part of my identity Dior, how dare you. Go plank in hell.

    • Amelia

      I totally agree. Yes, I feel like I have lost my identity too! Will Dior come to its senses? What the hell is going on!!! I am devastated. I would rather wear no perfume than wear anything other than the real Miss Dior Cherie. What is worse is that they try and say the new sickening Miss Dior EDP perfume is Miss Dior Cherie EDP!

  • Mira

    We have just purchased something we were assured was Miss Dior Cherie – we even handed the sample card over having loved the sample and we bought a large bottle. Having opened it and tried it we were confused by the difference in smell and after searching the internet it became clear what has happened. The liquid is yellowish and is the old Miss Dior, but is old stock. It cost a fortune only to get the wrong one – and how were we to know without opening it? The perfume shop in the Eden Centre in High Wycombe sold it to us as the one we asked for so they are obviously in the dark as well. Two deeply unhappy customers here.

  • S Allsop-seward

    Oh good GRIEF!!!!!!! I have decided to buy the PROPER Miss Dior and am very glad that I read this forum, as it has been several years since I last purchased this classic (and classy) perfume.  Why is there this compulsion on perfumiers to dumb down perfectly wonderful (and sucessful) signature perfumes?  They are all at it.  Why?  Whatever you do to tweak a perfume for the so called modern market (I just think that they can not handle the sent of a real perfume), then it should then be called something entirely DIFFERENT you idiots!!!