JOY by Dior Review

What is Joy?

I was listening to the radio the other day and the subject of discussion was the difference between joy and happiness. Happiness, they said, was our longer-term sense of contentment with our lives, whereas joy was representative of those momentary rushes of positive emotion we feel in certain situations. The word ‘joy’ means many things to us and what we each perceive as joy will be vastly different. Joy can be seeing your loved one smile. Joy could also be that feeling one gets when greeting an old friend or when viewing a beautiful landscape for the very first time. Joy is serene moments of peace and intense moments of thrill and excitement. For DIOR however, joy is light, softness and energy – three elements they have captured perfectly in their latest fragrance: JOY by Dior.

Fronted by Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, JOY by Dior is described by DIOR as an “ode to pleasure and life” – a perfume created to evoke a sense of bliss, all through an olfactory presentation of crystalline light. The Eau de Parfum Spray is composed by François Demachy, DIOR’s Perfumer-Creator, who has harnessed the power of citruses, flowers, woods and musk to form a fragrance that captures the very feeling we know as joy. Joy may mean something different to each of us, but in the case of JOY by Dior, joy is…



The Notes

Bergamot, Mandarin, Grasse Rose Essence, Grasse Rose Absolute, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Musks


How Does it Smell?


JOY by Dior is… luminous citrus

A fragrance’s top notes are its opportunity to make a first impression and say “hey, look at me”. With JOY by Dior, one’s attention is captured by a smooth yet vibrant citrus accord that draws one in with a dewy, mouthwatering character. The idea of water is explored in the advertising campaign, in which Jennifer Lawrence takes a peaceful swim in a pool whilst wearing DIOR couture, and is also dominant in the perfume’s opening accord. Here, the citrus provides a beautiful shimmer that evokes the idea of sunlight reflected on a still pool of water to ensure that the first impression is cool, calm and collected – a moment of peace enjoyed to its fullest.


JOY by Dior is… floral and blush pink.

At its core, JOY by Dior is a modern floral fragrance steeped in abstraction.  Where many florals aim for one to think of a specific flower, a boldly blooming tuberose or a resplendent rose, perhaps, JOY by Dior showcases a bouquet that does not focus on any specific floral note.  The impression, which is crafted through the blend of jasmine and rose (an essence and an absolute from Grasse), is of pink flowers – blooms that have delicate petals with a rubbery texture and a scent that is sweet, dewy and lucid.  If one could cut rose quartz into the shape of a flower in full bloom, it would be the perfect visual representation of the perfume and its floral heart.


JOY by Dior is… soft and silky.

There are few things in life more pleasant than sandalwood.  It brings to perfumery a sumptuous odour profile that is woody, nutty, creamy, milky and spicy – there’s also a freshness to it that isn’t found in many other wood materials.  In JOY by Dior, smooth sandalwood is blended with musks to provide a silky texture in the base. This combination smells creamy but also remarkably transparent, allowing for the luminous character of the fragrance to hold strong from start to finish.  It almost feels as if this accord is the cool breeze that carries the floral and citrus elements buoyantly up to one’s nose, allowing for a satisfying transition from vibrant and aquatic in the top to soft and silky in the base.


JOY by Dior is…. a new type of DIOR.

When I think of DIOR fragrances I think of beauty, glamour and drama – maybe a touch of danger and daring too.  JOY by Dior has plenty of beauty and glamour (it has both things in spades) but it trades drama and danger for something more rare: a sense of serenity.  It is not a demanding or dramatic fragrance – there is no extravagance or flamboyance here. Instead, the fragrance focuses on prettiness and comfort, creating a signature that one will breathe in and enjoy for its delicate grace.  Wearing JOY by Dior, I close my eyes and picture myself floating in a pool of pink petals, my mind clear and my body calm – to me, that’s what JOY by Dior is.


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