Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blusher in Icing

The Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blusher in Icing is the perfect highlighter – not only is it incredibly flattering and creates supermodel cheekbones, but it also suits all skin tones. Plus, as it’s a Watercolour Blusher, it is ultra easy to apply and will last all day long.

Unblended, the blush is so shimmery that it appears frosty. The iridescent, pale pink colour is universally flattering, and perfectly catches the light for a reflective, dewy glow.

When blended, Icing looks far more subtle. The more you blend, the more subtle the result – alternatively, if you wanted a more sculpted supermodel-esque glow, you can build up the formula bit by bit.

 If the swatches weren’t enough to convince you of the wonders of the iridescent liquid, take a look at its versatility as demonstrated by Daniel Sandler himself…

Fair skin tone

On lighter complexions, Icing provides an ideal dewy glow that looks completely natural. It works equally as well on pink tones as it does on yellow, providing subtle luminescence. Dot onto the brow bone, the cupid’s bow and along the cheekbones for an instant healthy sheen.

Fair to medium skin tone

When used in conjunction with the Watercolour Blusher in Spicey, Icing provides a beautiful, warming pop of colour for a fair to medium skin tone. The high sheen of the highlighter together with the warming brown-pink of the blush sculpts cheekbones even if you’re not blessed with naturally prominent bone structure.

Medium skin tone

Icing brightens a medium complexion with its contrasting icy sheen of colour. Keep things simple with a flush of pink blush, which adds a youthful edge to what can be a very polished and preened look.

Dark skin tone

Despite its very light hue, Icing can work incredibly well on a darker skin tone. In the photo above, it is lightly blended over a larger area, which works to reflect light and brighten the entire complexion.

 Find out more about Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blusher in Icing here at Escentual.com

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