Inside Binky’s Make-Up Bag

What's In My Makeup Bag

Hi fellow beauty obsessives. In this week’s blog I’m baring all, beauty-wise… No, I don’t mean I’ve let myself be photographed bare-faced without a scrap of make-up. Listen, even Angelina Jolie looks peaky when snapped without her face on, so I’m certainly not going to put you through that!

I’m talking about baring all my make-up secrets. I was brought up to believe that a girl’s handbag is her private space and that no-one should look inside unless invited to do so. Well I feel the same way about my make-up bag. It’s the home to my magic lotions and potions; the place where I store my beauty secrets and definitely not for unauthorised viewing.

But since I’m among friends, I’ve decided to unzip and share with you the products I always carry – it’s my secret arsenal of beauty weapons, every one a killer!

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5
This wonder cream can be used on grazes, cuts, flare-ups on the skin or even dry chapped lips. It makes everything look and feel so much better!

Dior Hydra Life BB Creme
This lightweight tinted cream is great for evening out your skin tone. It is less heavy and cakey than traditional foundation, and it gives a wonderfully dewy, natural finish. It’s also moisturising and it contains sun protection so you won’t get wrinkly!

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray
A refreshing spritz that stops your make-up looking clogged up, this is also great for when your face needs a quick rehydrating burst of moisture.

Guerlain KissKiss Pink Pearl Gloss
Everyone knows I love my lipgloss, and this one is a favourite. It is a really lovely natural shade of pink, it’s not too thick or sticky on my lips, and gives me a really nice daytime shine.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Extravagant Grenadine
This lipgloss is a darker, more sultry shade, and gets me in the going-out mood at night. It goes on really nicely and isn’t too sticky but still creates a fabulously glossy red pout. Super hot!

Daniel Sandler Instant Tan Wash-Off Face Powder
Besides lipgloss, bronzing powder is my other classic Binky essential! This great tanning powder will give you a lovely bronzed look with just a few strokes, and it incorporates a handy pocket mirror so you can do your make-up wherever you are.

Daniel Sandler Baby Jet Mascara
Every make-up bag needs a mascara and this one is my latest discovery. It has a wonderfully small wand so you can get right into the lashes on the bottom as well as the top eyelid. Mascara really widens and emphasises the eyes – it’s the sort of beauty product I feel naked without.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner in Black
This eyeliner comes out on special occasions when I want to create the classic sexy cat’s-eye flick on my upper lids. It has a fine tip, making it super-easy to apply.

Daniel Sandler Camo Cover Concealer
A real beauty life-saver, this is great to apply under your eyes after a big night or when you’re just feeling a bit tired; it will really brighten up your face and make you look a lot fresher.

Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Cream Stick
This concealer gives great coverage and is the perfect secret weapon to have in your handbag for beauty emergencies like sudden spots or dark shadows.

Daniel Sandler Dimensional Shadow in 816 Asteroid
This eyeshadow is a gorgeous glittery, browny-grey shade and will really make your eyes sparkle. It is light enough to wear during the day, but can also be built up for a smoky nighttime effect.

So there you have it, I’ve exposed my beauty secrets to you. Now it’s your turn – drop me a line and let me know your favourite products. Share and share alike!

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