Reviews of the Month – February 2013

Reviews of the Month February 2013 Each month we pick our five favourite reviews, which are picked for being helpful, insightful or just really interesting. Each reviewer picked will receive a £20 Escentual gift voucher! For your chance to win, simply review your past purchases.

Ebee‘s Review of La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

I use this as a moisturiser and my skin has improved so much since purchasing it about a month ago. i have combination skin and have struggled with mild acne for years and this is definitely the best product for my skin. Other products have either been too strong (causing very dry skin) or too weak (simply ineffective). I use this twice daily after using a gentle cleanser and toner, It’s also great as a primer under my make up. It’s a great preventative measure for acne, although it works best with something else to treat breakouts when they do happen. Everyone who has acne should use this!!


MapleSyrup‘s review of A-Derma Exomega Emollient Cream with Oat Milk & Omega

I am writing this review, as someone who never writes reviews, to tell my story and how I solved it with this fabulous emollient cream. I have recommended and bought it for several of my friends and their children.

My 2 year old daughter has had for some time dry skin (she is also prone to patches of excema as well). Her skin had become like that of a reptile – scaly dry belly, back, legs and patches on her face. I went to the GP several times and they gave me aqueous cream, E45 and then Diprobase, all of which I regimentally put on twice a day for at least 2 weeks. No change. Absolutely no improvement. I then spoke to a paediatrician and she advised me to get “Exomega Emollient Cream (hands and body) with Oat Milk & Omega”. So I did…and am I so glad that I did. I put it on only once a day all over her body (face as well no problems with kids – it is very gentle and not greasy).

In about 4 days my daughters skin was silk. I can’t pretend that I know why this cream is amazing and why the others just simply didn’t work but I can tell you that I saw the results. I buy this from Escentual. I have always had excellent service and fast delivery. This cream is not yet widely available in the UK, though it is more generally available in Europe…perhaps the UK retailers don’t know about it yet…otherwise they would all be stocking it. It is more expensive than E45 etc… but definitely worth it and you only need to put it on once a day not twice as with diprobase, E45 etc.. (this is what my GP advised).

This cream is amazing save yourself the hassle of trying so many diffferent brands and not getting any improvement. You will probably not need any other cream. All the above is my experience only, it is a truthful account but I can not categorically say that anyone reading this review will have the same result as there are many causes of dry atopic skin and multiple skin types. No one can tell you for sure unless you try. Thank you for Exomega and thank you Escentual for stocking this difficult to find product and for your excellent service. My daughter’s skin is beautiful now and I am so relieved to have sorted the problem. I will continue to order my supplies of this cream from Escentual. I hope this review helps someone somewhere.


Puddley‘s review of Nuxe Reve de Miel Honey Lip Balm

Although I’m willing to spend high on facial skincare, I was less eager to splash out close to £10 on a lip balm. However, this is really worth it! This honeyed wonder is a real treat for the lips. Used at night, I wake up with plumped, superbly conditioned lips that hold my day’s lipstick perfectly. It’s a bit like shape wear knickers for your lips! Another bonus is it’s delicious gourmand flavour, both honey and herbs give a very natural feel to this luxe product, add to this a rich, thick texture and you’ve got something much more exciting than a lip balm. It’s a real anti-aging treat to bring back my long gone teenage pout. Wonderful stuff!


Navigator‘s review of Prada L’Eau Ambree Eau de Parfum Deluxe

My wife received a free sample of the L’eau Ambree Body lotion. When she used it for the first time I found it had the most beautiful sensual fragrance and I knew I was on to a winner! I immediately went on line, found your web site and purchased the Parfum and more Body Lotion for her birthday. After 46 years of happy marriage this is definitely is the best and most sensual fragrance she has ever worn. I will definitely be purchasing refills for the parfum long before the current bottle is depleted and also more body lotion, Thank you for an excellent product!


FlorianK‘s review of Amouage Gold Man Eau de Parfum

Prior to reading this review I must ask you all to think differently about men’s perfumes. This would most likely be classified as female by most people out there; but in my opinion it is one of the best musky, floral perfumes for men out there. There is nothing to match Gold’s opulence and sheer splendour. It is like a spell from long-gone times. But to the perfume itself: Gold opens up with a bright, aldehydic note of jasmine and I definitely smell a good dose of Civet. This develops into a more complex composition by the minute. Soon after spraying the Lilly of the valley and a very slight resinous, sweet (but hardly detectable) accord appear. All of this is carried on a good dose of the Amouage signature not, frankincense . Now if you imagine something smelling like a bunch of flowers in a church, think different. Gold is lively and in its own right sexy. Especially the dry-down is godly. After hours and hours the musk and myrrh take over and a very sensual scent develops. Gold is not easy to wear due to its effects on others. Some will not understand its grandeur and royal appeal whereas others will love it. The longevity is unbelievable. I got more than 12 hours!! Projection is also monstrous so do not ever spray more than twice. For those that prefer more earthly perfumes that are less challenging try Ciel by Amouage (more ordinary men’s perfume) or Interlude (very good incense with amber and a little oud)

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