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The popular Bioderma White Objective Range has been updated with even more pigment-reducing technology. With a brand new name – Bioderma Pigmentbio, it now includes a full morning to evening skincare regime. We find out what
the differences are and put the products to the test.

Hyper pigmentation is an issue that many people are searching for the solution to, and looking for ways to treat, minimise and prevent it. It’s a very common skin problem and can develop on anyone’s skin due to a number of external and internal influences, and so, it’s highly likely that either you suffer with it, or know someone that does. The latest range from Bioderma, the White Objective brightening skincare collection, aims to tackle those pigmentation concerns.

For those that may not have heard of, or are unsure about what pigmentation is, let me bring you up to speed.  Hyper pigmentation happens when an internal or external factor triggers an overproduction of melanin in a concentrated area. This causes the skin to become much darker in colour, creating localised brown spots. Hyper pigmentation can be caused by a number of things, but a few of the most common causes are excessive sun exposure, age and changes to hormone levels.

It’s important to not confuse hyper pigmentation with freckles and beauty spots. Freckles can darken due to sun exposure but are present from childhood, and are part of the natural make-up of your skin. Pigmentation is a skin problem that develops over time, and most importantly, can be addressed with the right products.

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We are very excited about the launch of White Objective at Escentual HQ, and not just because it’s an exclusive. Finding a solution for specific skin concerns that have been playing on your mind is like finding gold, and Bioderma have definitely uncovered some treasure with this range! A trio of pigmentation fighting products, the White Objective line-up has one clear objective; reduce the intensity of brown spots and brighten the complexion.

A combination of W.O.® patent and Anti UVA/B protection come together in the formulations to reduce pigmentation marks and stop them from reappearing. This W.O.® patent works to reduce melanin levels in the skin and also helps to correct established pigmentation to leave the complexion evened and radiant – yes please!

Suitable for even sensitive skin, the White Objective range is your go-to depigmenting programme. If you’re concerned with and want to reduce pigmentation marks this is the range for you, with a combination of cleansing and treating products all with the same ideal; to lighten, brighten and correct pigmentation.  So, let me introduce you to this pigmentation-fighting line-up…


Bioderma White Objective H2O Micellar Water

White Objective H2O Cleansing Micelle Solution
The first lightening micellar solution, the H2O was the product that first demanded my attention within this range. The cleanser has ultimate makeup removal power that will not irritate or upset the skin, making the fragrance-free, alcohol-free and hypoallergenic formula perfectly compatible with your skin.

But what makes H2O different to other micellar waters I hear you ask? H2O doesn’t only cleanse the skin of makeup, dirt and daily build up, the solution will also brighten the complexion too thanks to the W.O.® patent.  It’s an easy step in your daily routine to treat your pigmentation concerns.


Bioderma White Objective Lightening Fluid

White Objective Lightening Fluid SPF 25
This Lightening Fluid enables people with even the most sensitive of skin to combat their pigmentation concerns every day. It’s a daily moisturiser that combines W.O.® patent and vitamin C to provide skin with long-lasting brightening care – it’s the perfect morning pick-me up, I think!

This fluid aims to target and reduce the appearance of your pigmentation and it will protect your skin from developing further pigmentation marks, too. UVA/B filters and an SPF of 25 work within the moisturiser to protect skin against solar radiation – so you can rest assured that you’re skin is hydrated and protected in one sweep.


Bioderma White Objective Lightening Serum

White Objective Lightening Serum
Sometimes we all want a solution to our skincare concerns that takes little to no effort. If you’re someone like this, the Lightening Serum will be music to your ears. The serum works while you sleep to lighten dark spots and even out the skin’s complexion – I don’t think skincare could be any easier!

The Lightening serum will intensify your pigmentation fighting regime as it contains the most concentrated dose of Bioderma’s W.O.® patent,  which targets the main biological mechanisms responsible for pigmentation. It also arrives with a small vial containing a dosage of powdered vitamin C, which you mix with the serum before use (this DIY step ensures that the vitamin C remains at its most potent). Your skin best absorbs the benefits of your skincare while you sleep, so this serum will make a huge difference in how quickly you see results.

A lightweight gel that’s suitable for every skin type, even the most sensitive, and the serum provides an intense peeling action with glycolic acid, which kick starts cell renewal.  If like me you like to feel something working on your skin you’ll love this product as it creates a slight tingling sensation because of the active ingredients in the formula.


Used together this trio is a force to be reckoned with and I’m sure will be the solution many of you are looking for. If you have any pigmentation related questions or want to know a little more about the White Objectives range join our live Twitter chat at 1pm on the 5th of May.

Bioderma training representatives Pascal Piedimonte and Emilie Montassier will be answering your questions, so make sure you pop along for the chat and send over your questions using #BiodermaWO!


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  • Sheilah K Watson

    I love Escentual products! I will purchase the advertised lightening treatments trusting that the dark pigmentation which (always bothers me) are dotted over my forehead and sides of my face will fade, and hopefully will eventually remove themselves completely!

    • escentual

      Hi Sheilah! That’s wonderful to hear, thanks for your comment. The WO range is ideal for gently and effectively fading those brown pigmentation marks. We’d love to hear about your progress! – Emma

  • escentual

    Hi there,

    A slight tingling sensation is normal as the active ingredients are quite powerful – try decreasing your usage to every other day or a few times a week and see if the sensation decreases. If it becomes painful get in touch with us straight away at!

    • Indian

      Thanks. I’ll try that and see.

    • Indian


      Now there is no tingling sensation. I tried applying it on alternative days, and now applying it daily. The tingling sensation will gradually reduce after each usage.

      I know that skin problems cannot be cleared overnight. It improves over time.
      And I am confident of Bioderma. And believe that there will be lot more improvement in my skin after a few more weeks as experienced earlier.

      • escentual

        That’s great to hear! I’m glad it’s doing the trick for your skin – it’s quite a potent product so it needs a light hand, but it sounds as though you’ve found the right balance.

        Thanks for feeding back!

  • poonamsonii

    Hello..the vitamin c bottle which i have received in whitening to open up the bottle??

    • escentual

      Hi there,

      You snap the top off the vitamin C powder bottle, and then you empty the contents into the main bottle. I hope that helps! – Emma

  • escentual

    Hello bajoelvolcan,

    Great questions! After speaking with a Bioderma expert, Alexia has advised that as long as the product has not been removed with a cleanser, it still has some effects with sun light. There is no risk of interaction with the streetlights during the night, however, if the face is really exposed to the sunlight in the morning it would be better to close the curtains (note that UV rays are not very strong in the early morning).

    Was there anything else that you needed help with?


    • bajoelvolcan

      Thank you very much, Chelsea, for your reply. I believe you’ve cleared all my doubts. Best wishes!

  • Uzee Nabeel

    hi there , i bought bioderma serum + day cream .i have being using it since 2 days .. while using the serum i feel tickling and redness on my skin . is it normal.. can we use night cream after applying the serum. waiting for yr reply

    • escentual

      Hello Uzee,
      Thank you for your question. Just confirm, are you using the White Objective Serum in the day? It’s best to use this at night and use sun protection the next day, as sensitivity does occur. Also, you can use a night cream after using the White Objective Serum, if you’re finding the combination of using both too much for your skin, try and alternate by using the serum in the evening and only the White Objective Day Cream in the day. Try using a minimal night cream that will repair and rehydrate, the Bioderma Sensibio Tolerance Plus + AF will work to calm and soothe any inflammation too. I hope this helps? – Chelsey

      • Uzee Nabeel

        Thank you for ur reply… i am using white objective serum at night before going to bed only..And in the day i apply white objective fluid SPF .Is normal to get redness while using serum..

        • escentual

          A slight tingling sensation is normal due to the high concentration of active ingredients. But if it’s consistent redness and it feels uncomfortable, I would recommend that you stop using it, Uzee. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like any other recommendations! – Chelsey

  • fem

    hi!im 12 weeks pregnant and i am having a problem of pigmentation on my face and it really bothers me a lot! I am planning to buy the white objective range but is it safe for me to use? please help!thank you!

  • escentual

    Hi Mikela,
    That doesn’t sound right. Have you contacted our customer service team about this? If not, pop an email over to with your order number and one of our team will look into this for you as soon as possible. Are you using the full White Objective range? As this may make your skin may become more sensitive to sunlight. We don’t advise that you use the White Objective Lightening Fluid SPF 25 when using the sunbed, you need a much higher SPF, we’d recommend at least a 50+. I hope this helps? – Chelsey

  • Yaya Mohsen

    I am using bioderma white objective night serum on my armpits in order to lighten it cuz they are dark.. Is it gonna work? Or I shall not apply it on that area or what should I do?

    • escentual

      Hi Yaya, thanks for your question! The Bioderma White Objective Night Serum is for the face and neck; it’s been dermatologically tested for use on those areas and those areas only. We can’t recommend using it on your underarms as the skin there is very different to your face, and it may be unsuitable. Hope that helps, Emma

      • Yaya Mohsen

        Thanks for your reply but what do you recommend for that area ? Aren’t there any products for armpits! 😕

        • escentual

          Hi Yaya, Chelsey here. As most of the products we stock for pigmentation on site are for the face, we wouldn’t want to recommend any products for armpits without knowing that they would provide with the results that you are looking for. If anything new launches, we’ll be sure to update you right away.

  • Tasabeeh Albashir

    Hey I would want to know wether we can leave it for two hours at night then put on vitamin E moisturizing cream, i was actually advised by a doctor to do that so is it okay?

    • escentual

      Hi Tasabeeh, I think this would be fine. Bioderma advise that you apply this before your usual overnight treatment. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Ceryn

  • Doha Essam

    hii, i was recommended from my doctor to use bioderma white objective serum and my skin is oily and tends to sensitive ,so the serum will suit to my skin or fluid , sometimes my skin with treatments of acne get to be sensations so what’s your advice to me !

    • escentual

      Hi Doha! Thanks for your question. The difference between the serum and the fluid isn’t just down to consistency; the serum contains a higher concentration of active ingredients than the fluid, so its effects are stronger. I’d recommend going with the serum but using it once every few days at first to see how your sensitivity fares. If you’re concerned that your skin may be too sensitive, the fluid will offer a milder concentration of ingredients with a lightweight texture that won’t make skin feel oily. Many thanks, Emma