Father’s Day Fragrance

Father's Day Fragrance

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Father’s Day (Sunday 21 June 2015) has a habit of creeping up on us.  With that in mind, I present to you a wonderfully fragrant gift guide for Father’s Day, well in advance, i.e. if you’re reading this, you have no excuse if you forget.   Consider yourself reminded, people.  Dads, like mums, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, are quite important in the grand scheme of things, and when their respective days roll around (I’m pretty sure there is a day for everyone, nowadays), it is always nice to say “thank you for being you”, with a small gift.  And, as we’ve established in many of my posts here on Escentual, fragrance is the best gift ever.  Full stop.

Usually I would pick out a group of scents that match potential personalities or fit within categories, or price ranges.  This year, I’m simply going to pick out some of the masculine fragrances that feel dad-worthy, meaning that they are the kind of scent that I could imagine most dads would want to want to wear.  Below you’ll find some new, some old, and even some quirky scents from iconic brands, that will leave your old man smelling great this Father’s Day.


Father's Day Fragrance - Guerlain

Guerlain Go Gutsy

If you haven’t tried last year’s L’Homme Ideal from Guerlain, then were the heck have you been?!  Mainstream masculine fragrances can be a varied bunch at the best of times, and this Guerlain is one of the good eggs.  Packing a weighty punch of robust woods, chocolatey undertones and velvety vanilla, not to mention a bitter almond note, L’Homme Ideal rehashes the bold signature of ‘80s masculines such as Chanel’s Antaeus (you know, when masculine fragrances weren’t afraid of a bit of chest hair) and seals the whole thing with a wink and a smile.   This cheeky chap is the perfect fragrance gift for the dad who likes a bit of fun.

Alternatively, if your Pop has a streak for devilment, but doesn’t like fragrances on the heavier or bolder side of life, there’s always L’Homme Ideal Cologne.   Recently launched, this cologne interpretation of Guerlain’s Ideal Man is lighter, more citrus-focused and a little bit raspier, presenting the cheeky almond core of the original in a slightly more casual get up.   The result is fun, but fresh, creating a suitable for aura for those who are cheeky in a slightly more subtle manner.


Father's Day Fragrance - Serge Lutens

Stanning for Serge

According to Urban Dictionary, to ‘stan’ is to be “overly obsessed with an artist/person/character/etc.”  If there is any individual within the perfume industry worthy of stannage, it is Serge Lutens – the ‘Father of Niche Fragrance’.  Serge Lutens, and his scented perfumer-in-crime, Christopher Sheldrake, have explored the world of the orient through rich and unctuous fragrances that defy gender, space and time, and have created some of the most important scents of our time.

To celebrate the Father of Niche, it would be apt to pick out something from the collection for your dad.  My recommendation would be Ambre Sultan, the Don of all Ambers.  Ambre Sultan places one firmly in the souk, surrounded by rich fabrics and the intense odour of spices, flowers and fragrances.  It is a cacophony of fragrant noise that comforts, rather than overwhelms, and showcases the humble amber accord (benzoin, labdanum and vanilla) in a more spicy presentation.  Ambre Sultan is a fragrance fit for a king.


Father's Day Fragrance - Valentino


With their most recent masculine fragrance, Uomo, Valentino have certainly placed some va-va-voom into the world of masculine perfumery.  Uomo is a decadent, yet stylish fragrance that celebrates the beauty, and sensory pleasure of Italian life.   The supplest suede and finest gianduja are chased with a shot of myrtle liqueur, creating the impression of a man who enjoys the finer things in life.   If you dad is a foodie, fashionisto, or just generally has excellent taste in all things, then Uomo is the gift you should be buying.  Trust me, he’ll appreciate it.


Father's Day Fragrance - Comme des Garcons

The Coolness of Comme des Garcons

There are few brands cooler than Comme des Garcons.  In fashion they play with the form, creating clothing that ranges from linear and minimalist to maximalist and strange, and their fragrances aren’t much different either.  They are a brand for those who like things a little bit more unusual and prefer to rock scents that are more subversive.

One of the most accessible fragrances from the CDG line-up is Amazingreen, a fragrance that, you’ve guessed it, intends to smell very green.  In truth, Amazingreen isn’t particularly amazing or green (that’s not a dig), instead it’s a stealthy mineral fragrance with sweet green nuances.  Amazingreen flies under the radar in terms of strength and style, but at the same time it feels ambiguous enough not to fit into any specific category – it’s a fragrance that keeps one guessing for the gent that keeps his cards close to his chest.


Father's Day Fragrance - Amouage

Artistic Amouage

Finally, let’s finish this Father’s Day Edit with a touch of flair and something a little bit special.  I am a big fan of Omani based luxury house, Amouage.  Their fragrances are made with some of the best materials, and they constantly surprise, and even sometimes shock.  Out of their masculine offerings, I feel that Memoir Man is one of the most noteworthy (but Interlude Man, Gold Man, Jubilation XXV and Lyric Man are also hugely important).  This is a contemporary fougere that feels icy cold with mint and absinthe.  It’s a fragrance for the deep thinker and the man who feels strong emotion.  If your Dad is a creative type with a penchant for luxury, then Memoir Man is a worthy contender for his Father’s Day Gift.  Only the best will do.

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