How To Find a Face Mask That Works


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Face masks have been a part of my skincare routine for as long as I can remember. As a teen there was nothing I loved more than having a pamper night with friends and picking out the wackiest face masks I could find. Years later, this is still one of my favourite pass times. The only difference is that nowadays I won’t pop any old thing on my face. It’s safe to say that my approach towards face masks has matured over the years; now I realise just how important it is to find a face mask that matches my skin type, rather than my pyjamas.

The truth is, applying the wrong face mask can do more harm than good. Instead of helping you combat the skin concerns you already have, you’ll end up making entirely new problems for yourself! So don’t risk it, use our guide to find a face mask that really works.

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Vichy Purifying Pore Mask

Find a face mask that… removes excess sebum and unclogs pores without drying out skin.

Ingredient to look out for: Kaolin;  a naturally occurring white clay, which helps to absorb excess sebum and mattify skin.

Our Recommendation: Vichy Pore Purifying Clay Mask 
The Vichy Pore Purifying  Clay Mask is the perfect fit for someone with an oily to combination skin type as it’s designed to draw out impurities. The clay mask is enriched with kaolin and bentonite clays, which work to unclog pores, remove makeup, dirt and promote natural skin cell turnover. The result? A completely cleansed and less oily complexion!

How to use: After cleansing, smooth a thin layer over entire face. Leave for 5-10, then rinsing thoroughly.





Find a face mask that… replenishes the skin’s hydration and works to soothe and calm irritation.

Ingredient to look out for: Glycerin; a plant based moisturising agent that locks in hydration.

Our Recommendation: Avene Tolerance Extreme Mask
The Avene Tolerance Extreme Mask is like a big hug for the skin, providing equal measures of hydration and comfort. Suitable for all levels of sensitivity, the re-plumping mask contains glycerin and Avene thermal spring water, which work in tandem to keep skin soothed and ultra nourished.

How to use: Apply morning and/or night to the face and neck after cleansing. There’s no need to rinse off, let your skin soak up that moisture!



Dull Skin

Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask

Find a face mask that… exfoliates away dead skin cells, to reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion.

Ingredient to look out for: Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs); made from fruit acids, AHAs promote skin exfoliation and stimulate skin cell renewal.

Our Recommendation: Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask
If your skin is looking a little lack-lustre, there’s only one thing for it; the Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask. The radiance-enhancing mask has a double-peel action, which allows you to exfoliate skin on the surface with a physical exfoliator (made with a volcanic rock origin) and chemical AHAs, which sweep away dead skin cells and keep skin looking fresh and glowing.

How to use: Apply all over in a circular motion, leave for 5-10 minutes then rinse.



Problematic Skin


Find a face mask that… dries up acne, shrinks pores and rinses away black heads, for a purified complexion.

Ingredient(s) to look out for: Salicylic Acid; an hydroxy acid that unclogs pores, as well as Kaolin, a white clay, which absorbs excess oil and purifies the skin.

Our Recommendation: Avene Cleanance Mask
Specifically created for blemish-prone skin, the Avene Cleanance Mask is designed to restore balance. Formulated with kaolin white clay to draw out impurities, Avene thermal spring water to soothe and salicylic acid to unclog pores, this mask is a one-stop shop for clearer skin.

How to use: Apply to dry or damp skin and leave for 5 minutes. Wet hands and massage gently in circular movements. Rinse thoroughly.



Mature Skin


Find a face mask that… firms, tightens and plumps skin, for a youthful result.

Ingredient to look out for: Hyaluronic Acid; naturally found in the body, Hyaluronic Acid helps the skin retain moisture, thus keeping it plumped and youthful.

Our Recommendation: Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Re-Plumping Roll On Mask
Not only is the Nuxuriance Ultra Re-Plumping Roll On Mask mess and fuss-free, it’s also a must-have for anyone that wants to firm and reenergize their complexion. Infused with a powerful blend of bi-floral cells, an exclusive natural complex, and hyaluronic acid, the roll-on mask will re-plump, smooth fine lines and restore the skin’s youthful glow.

How to use: Turn the cap to the ‘on’ position and apply the mask to the face and neck. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes before removing with a cotton pad.



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