Five Fragrance Articles for National Fragrance Day


5 Fragrance Articles for National Fragrance Day

We love exciting, interesting and fabulously smelly fragrance content here at Escentual and we like to think that we do a pretty nifty job of creating it, but we’re not the only ones! The internet is awash with blogs and resources that publish amazing content on the gigantic subject of fragrance. You can find pretty much everything you need, whether it be a witty list of perfume pairings, a think piece on the state of perfumery or even a tribute to an individual’s favourite perfume, or brand, it’s all there to be digested and enjoyed. If you can’t find what you need, then I encourage you to be the person to write it – the more voices the better.

It’s National Fragrance Day today so we’re celebrating the wonder of scent throughout the day. Last year we celebrated by taking a look at some wonderful fragrant content written by some of the world’s most talented perfume writers and in that tradition we’re doing the exact same thing this year! Below are five pieces of masterful fragrance content from all corners of the web. They range from handy tools to help you find your next scent to fun pieces and articles that talk about the power of scent in deep and unusual ways. So grab yourself a hot beverage of your choice and get ready to read some truly wonderful scented pieces.


Fragrance for the Frugal by IScentYouADayFragrance for the Frugal

by IScentYouADay

I Scent You a Day is a wonderful blog written by the recently-Jasmine nominated Sam (well done, Sam!). It’s a fun blog where Sam has tasked herself with wearing a different fragrance every day and she has written many enjoyable pieces about the scents she wears. In Fragrance for the Frugal, Sam gives readers tips on how to smell good on a budget, providing recommendations on some bargain scents along the way. As Sam says, “you don’t have to be rich to smell good” and she’s 100% right!


FR.eD the Fragrance Editor by The Perfume SocietyFR.eD the Fragrance Editor

by The Perfume Society

The Perfume Society has quickly become the go-to authority on all things scent-related.  They offer discovery boxes, events, news, features and even a regular fragrance magazine – anything you could want on the subject of scent.  FR.eD The Fragrance Editor isn’t technically an article, per se but it is a fascinating fragrant experience for anyone looking for their next scent.  All one needs to do is tap in a scent they wear, when they want to wear the fragrance they’re looking for (day or night etc.) and what time of year, press ‘search’ and voila, a selection of lovely new things are recommended.  I’ve put FR.eD to the test numerous times to see if he really knows what he’s doing and every time he’s pulled a selection of fab scents out of the bag.  Give him a go and if you find one you like that’s here on Escentual, well, you know what to do!


Anosmia Awareness Day by Get Lippie for BasenotesAnosmia Awareness Day

by Get Lippie for Basenotes

Our sense of smell is something we often take for granted and it’s difficult to imagine what it’s like to live in a world without smell. This however, is the reality for some people – for those who live with a smell disability such as anosmia. Blogger Get Lippie raises awareness of smell disabilities such as anosmia, parosmia, hyposmia and phantosmia in her enlightening piece for Basenotes ‘Anosmia Awareness Day’. Having personal experience with anosmia and parosmia, Get Lippie talks through her experiences with scent disabilities and highlights the importance of some charities that work with those who suffer. It’s a fascinating read.


Eau so Masc - Thoughts on Gender in Perfumer by The Candy Perfume BoyEau so Masc – Thoughts on Gender in Perfumer

by The Candy Perfume Boy

OK, OK, I know it’s REALLY cheeky to slot one of my own articles in here but hey, I’m writing this post so I guess I call the shots! I’m just kidding, of course and the reason I put this piece in here is because it’s truly one of my favourite things I’ve ever written. The idea of masculine and feminine perfume has always sat somewhat uncomfortably with me and in Eau so Masc I explore the idea of gender within perfume, whether it’s a real construct or something simply in place to help sell bottles. Whatever your opinion on gender in scent, give this a read and at the very least my experience buying a bottle of Rive Gauche, which I detail in full, will make you smile.


Scenting My Mental Illness by Laurin Taylor for BasenotesScenting My Mental Illness

by Laurin Taylor for Basenotes

I’ve saved this piece for last for two reasons; firstly, it is my favourite piece of perfume writing from the last 12-months; and secondly, it is an important, vulnerable and beautifully written piece that should be read by all. Positioned as an alternative take on the ‘a scent for every occasion’ piece which often refers to pairing scents for positive occasions such as job interviews, weddings and dates, Scenting My Mental Illness focuses on the restorative and comforting power of scent in life’s hardest moments. It’s a brave, passionate and honest piece that helps dispel the stigma around mental health issues by talking about them candidly. It really should not be missed. Please be advised that the subject matter of the article makes reference to self-harm.



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