MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting Lip Swatches

MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting Lip Pen Product Shot Of Shades 10, 11, 40 & 50


Who else wishes their lips would reach their maximum potential without the need for injections and lip-plumping agents? Well, if you’re after a lip-boosting colour that will define and enhance your lip shape all on its own, you’ve come to the right place.

The MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting Lip Pen was made to amplify the smallest of lip shapes; even if you have an oversized top lip or an unequal lip line, this lip-defining tool uses the balancing powers of light and dark to contour and shape your lips to their fullest volume.

Comprising of 4 rich, pigmented hues that will get you excited for autumn, here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right shade of Pro Sculpting Lip Pen, alongside mastering the application method of creating fuller looking lips…

The Pro Sculpting 2-in-1 Lip Pen Shades

10 – Rosewood, 11 – Rust, 40 – Carmine Red, 50 – PurpleMAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting Lip - 2-In-1 Lip Sculpting Pen Product SwatchMAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting 2 in 1 Lip SHADES (L-R) 10 - Rosewood, 11 - Rust, 40 - Carmine Red, 50 - Purple

As you can see from above, the Pro Sculpting Lip pens are pretty beautiful; its 2-in-1 pen features two lip colour shades that complement each other, whilst cleverly adding depth and dimension to your lips. Firstly, you have ‘Step 1’ a highly pigmented, satin finish crayon colour. Then, you have ‘Step 2’ a shimmery cream to powder shade that acts as a highlight. Step 2’s highlighting shade is impregnated into a sponge applicator which sits in the lid to allow you to customise and build your highlight level without any mess.

The Pro Sculpting Lip pens are lighter than lipstick, but give the appearance of a gloss without the stickiness and transfer. The comfortable formula also gives a 3D effect that is non-drying and completely powder free, which to me, is important. What I love about this lip colour is the fact that it’s completely versatile. You can add fullness, shape and colour to your lips, whilst effortlessly owning the current ombré lip trend too! Here’s how each Pro Sculpting Lip shade looks on the lips…

MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting Lip - 2-In-1 Lip Sculpting Pen in 10-Rosewood Swatch

10 – Rosewood

Colour Undertone: Warm pink

Highlight Undertone: Opalescent pink

Even when your makeup looks as basic as mine, I think you’ll agree that the Rosewood shade adds an instant pick-me-up to my skin. It’s definitely more statement than subtle, but the cooler edge of Rosewood’s hue surprisingly adds a delicate warmth to all complexions.


MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting Lip - 2-In-1 Lip Sculpting Pen in 11-Rust

11 – Rust

Colour Undertone: Pink brown

Highlight Undertone: Champagne opalescent

More neutral than 10 – Rosewood, Rust is the ideal shade for those that want a colour that’s ‘your lips but better’. 11- Rust is my favourite of all, I just love how the highlight looks so natural,  drawing you into the centre of my lips for a more plumped effect.


MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting Lip - 2-In-1 Lip Sculpting Pen in 11-Rust

40 – Carmine Red

Colour Undertone: Warm, rusty red.

Highlight Undertone: Opalescent gold

Hello, Hollywood! 40 – Carmine Red is a complete show-stopper, whatever your makeup style. More suited to a warmer skin tone, this bold but complementary shade adds an instant dose of chicness to your makeup; personally, I can’t wait to wear this on Christmas day!


50 – Purple

Colour Undertone:  Cool red wine hue

Highlight undertone: Opalescent neon violet

Talk about making a statement, 50 – Purple is one of those shades that shocks you, but you kind of love it at the same time. Not for the faint-hearted, this bolder, than bold hue adds an alternative edge to your look. It’s neon highlight completely changes the base colour, creating an almost radioactive shade that is truly beautiful.

Breaker SmallPro Sculpting Pen – How To Apply

Top tip: Apply a lip balm before using the Pro Sculpting Lip Pens for an enhanced soft blend.

First Stage:
 Apply Step 2 (the cream highlight shade) to the centre of your lips and blend outwards.

Second Stage: Trace your lip line with Step 1 (the colour shade), pat your lips together and then gently bring the colour in towards the centre of your lips.

Third Stage:
Take Step 2 and blot the blender over the top of your lips and your cupids bow, making sure both colours blend together – then your look is complete!

As always you can completely mix up the routine to achieve the look you want, for a more subtle highlight, skip the first stage. Or, if you just love the individual colour shades above, apply them alone; it’s so easy to get creative with the MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting Lip Pens!

Breaker Small

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