GIVENCHY Prisme Blush Swatches


On the hunt for the perfect blush? You’re in luck! GIVENCHY has a line-up of 8 blush duos that promise to give your complexion the healthy glow you’ve been looking for. And, if that’s not enough, each duo has been created to offer made-to-measure colour, with one shade for radiance and the other for pigment.

Created by GIVENCHY Artistic Makeup Director, Nicolas Degennes, the Prisme Blush collection gives the blush category a much-needed shake-up. No longer is blush just about colour, it’s now about structuring the face with flattering, contrasting hues and comfortable textures. Whether you prefer your blush shade neutral or flamboyant, the Prisme Blush line-up has something to suit everyone…




The GIVENCHY Prisme Blush line-up is all about achieving a blush finish that’s right for you. That’s why they’re duos; you can use the shades separately or mixed together for a different effect every time.

As well as their versatility, another one of my favourite things about Prisme Blush is how creamy the powder is. The smooth, easy to blend texture is achieved with black Tahitian pearl powder, lauroul and lysine; a combination that ensures ease of application and a beautifully even and long-lasting result. I should mention synthetic pigments here too as their inclusion gives the powders a sparkling and radiate matte finish, which leaves skin with a luminous glow – it’s the type of blush formula that instantly lifts your face and perks up your complexion.



The Shades

Prisme Blush – Powder Blush DuoGIVENCHY-Prisme-Blush-Swatches-in-01-Passion-02-Love-03-Spice-04-Rite-05-Spirit-06-Romantica-07-Wild-08-Tender

Here are all 8 Prisme Blush shades for you to fall in love with! Available in a variety of hues, there’s a good selection of colours and undertones to choose from. But, if you need a little more help choosing, scroll down to see them swatched individually and blended together on the cheeks in GIVENCHY’s ‘Harmonious’ style…



Prime Blush 01 – Passion


If you’re looking for a naturally flushed cheek colour that’s not too pink 01 – Passion is a perfect choice. The light neutral beige and bright red-pink blend together to give the complexion a beautiful radiance that looks healthy and glowing.



Prisme Blush 02 – Love


02 – Love is destined for someone that loves to have fun with blush. The duo presents a fresh lilac pink and vibrant fuchsia that has a purple undertone. If worn alone this pairing could create quite the blush statement, however, when mixed together they create a delicate pink hue.



Prisme Blush 03 – Spice


With a cool pink on one side and a warm coral on the other, 03 – Spice offers a blush shade that can be enjoyed by a variety of skin tones. When mixed together the duo creates a enchanting peach shade.



Prisme Blush 04 – Rite


One of the sheerest of the Prisme Blush shades, 04 – Rite presents a warm peach and blue-toned pink. When applied together you can expect a subtle wash of fresh pink.



Prisme Blush 05 – Spirit


05 – Spirit is my favourite of the bunch! With an almost vanilla hue on the left and a neutral orange on the right, the pair creates a peachy pink that looks great on those with neutral to yellow undertones.



Prisme Blush 06 – Romantica


Paired up within the 06 – Romantica Prisme Blush you’ll find a soft peach and a light mauve. When worn together they dress the cheeks in a radiant cool pink.



Prisme Blush 07 – Wild

GIVENCHY-Prisme-Blush-Swatch-in-Shade-07-WildMore of a subtle bronzer than a blush, 07 – Wild gives the complexion a warmth that can be worn subtly or built up for extra intensity. On one side is a yellow-toned powder and the other a cool brown, which work together to beautifully sculpt the cheekbones.



Prisme Blush 08 – TenderGIVENCHY-Prisme-Blush-Swatch-in-Shade-08-Tender

This pastel partnership is soft and feminine. 08 – Tender offers a cool orange and  pretty lilac, which marry together to give the cheeks a flush of peachy pink.

Application Tips

Harmonious: Mix both colours together and apply to the apples of the cheek.

Structured: Apply the lighter shade to the top of the cheek and the darker shade to the bottom, blending seamlessly into one and other.

Soft: Only apply the lighter colour to the apples of the cheeks.

Bold: Apply only the darker dark the apples of the cheek.

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