GUERLAIN La Petite Robe Noire Lip Colour’Ink Swatches


It’s official, 2018 is the year of lips for GUERLAIN! For spring 2018, the beauty house has unveiled a show-stopping line-up of 15 fearlessly hued liquid lipsticks as part of their GUERLAIN La Petite Robe Noire Lip Color’Ink Liquid Lipstick collection.

And, in true chic, GUERLAIN style the new La Petite Robe Noire Lip Colour’Ink line-up presents the beauty world with no ordinary liquid lipstick. Intrigued? Well, luckily this edit will answer all of your questions and we’ve even swatched every shade on the arm and on the lips for good measure. Let’s explore…



It’s safe to say that there has been a number of liquid lipstick launches over the last few years, so, you’re probably wondering what’s special about this one, and there’s a number of things! Firstly, the Lip Colour’Inks have an ultra-fine formula that create a zero texture effect on the lips, and it’s this lightweight texture that makes them extremely comfortable to wear (it really does feel as if you’re wearing nothing at all). This bare-effect feel also allows the lip colour to layer with ease too, so that you can enjoy a stain effect or a more striking pigmented result that lasts for up to 8 hours.

Of course, nothing could be a part of the GUERLAIN La Petite Robe Noire makeup collection without smelling absolutely divine, and this launch is no different. The Lip Colour’Inks are delicately scented with the sweet La Petite Robe Noire scent we all know and love (bergamot, rose and raspberry) – and I have to report that their scent make them a dream to wear!

Available in 15 shades, the La Petite Robe Noire Lip Colour’Inks come in a fun selection of shades. Split into four categories of nude, crazy, essential and daring colours, there’s something for everyone. So, I invite you to find a hue that’s completely you below…



L101 – AdventurousGUERLAIN-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Lip-Colour'Ink-Liquid-Lipstick-Swatch-L101-Adventurous

L101 – Adventurous isn’t your everyday shade, but it definitely makes a statement! A vivid blue, it can be worn alone or underneath one of your favourite liquid lipsticks to give the colour an exciting twist.



L102 AmbitiousGUERLAIN-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Lip-Colour'Ink-Liquid-Lipstick-Swatch-L102-Ambitious

An edgy twist on a neutral lip, L102 – Ambitious is a cool-toned dark brown. Made for those that want their lip colour to be bold and unique, this liquid lip colour has autumn written all over it.



L107 – Black PerfectoGUERLAIN-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Lip-Colour'Ink-Liquid-Lipstick-Swatch-L107-Black-Perfecto

Not afraid to step outside the box with your lip shade? L107 – Black Perfecto is for you! A dark black/purple, this vampy hue instantly makes your teeth look bright white and will transform your everyday makeup look.



L110 – On FleekGUERLAIN-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Lip-Colour'Ink-Liquid-Lipstick-Swatch-L110-On-Fleek

The nude-brown tone of L110 – On Fleek makes it the perfect ‘all-rounder’ shade. Natural enough for every day, yet statement enough to stand out in the evening, this is the one to choose if you want a one-size fits all lip colour.



L111 – FlawlessGUERLAIN-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Lip-Colour'Ink-Liquid-Lipstick-Swatch-L111-Flawless

If you prefer your lip colour to subtly enhance rather than steal the show then the demure tone of L111 – Flawless may be just the thing. A cool-tone nude that glides on subtle, however, can be layered to create a deeper hue.



L112 – No Filter


Prefer your nude to have more of a pink edge? Look no further than L112 – No Filter.  The ideal pink-nude that’s not too girly, it’s the perfect everyday colour and has a neutral undertone that will suit all skin tones.



L113 – CandidGUERLAIN-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Lip-Colour'Ink-Liquid-Lipstick-Swatch-L113-Candid

Fair skin tones will fall to their feet for the shade L113 – Candid! A beautiful, soft pink-nude, this romantic lip colour is a great choice if you’re looking for something subtle and feminine.



L120 – EmpoweredGUERLAIN-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Lip-Colour'Ink-Liquid-Lipstick-Swatch-L120-Empowered

Every lip wardrobe needs a classic red and L120 – Empowered is Lip Colour’Inks! Timeless and stylish, the neutral undertone of this statement shade will complement an array of complexions.



L121 – StylegramGUERLAIN-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Lip-Colour'Ink-Liquid-Lipstick-Swatch-L121-Stylegram

L121 – Stylegram is a red-brown that walks the line between a neutral and statement lip colour. A great alternative to a red, this shade has a beautiful warmth that will instanty light up the face.



L122 – Dark Sided


When I swatched L122 – Dark Sided I had one thought: vampy! A dark plum that has a slight raspberry tone on the lips, this hue is destined for those that are partial to purple.



L140 – Conqueror


L140 – Conqueror is a slightly warmer red to L120 – Empowered, gliding on to the lips with a slight orange undertone. A must-have for red-lip fiends, this passionate red will never go out of fashion.



L141 – Get CrazyGUERLAIN-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Lip-Colour'Ink-Liquid-Lipstick-Swatch-L141-Get-Crazy

L141 – Get Crazy is orange first and red second. Bright and vivacious, this adventurous shade is my favourite of the collection and its on-trend hue will give any complexion an immediate dose of sunshine.



L160 – CreativeGUERLAIN-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Lip-Colour'Ink-Liquid-Lipstick-Swatch-L160-Greative

The Lip Colour’Ink range has not left out fuchsia lovers either. L160 – Creative has a bright pink look that will bring life to every lip wardrobe in a flash.



L161 – YuccieGUERLAIN-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Lip-Colour'Ink-Liquid-Lipstick-Swatch-L161-Yuccie

The charming neon purple hue of L161 – Yuccie is playful and audacious. A pop of colour that’s bound to make anyone smile, this cool-toned purple has a slight fuchsia pink charm on the lips.



L162 – TrendyGUERLAIN-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Lip-Colour'Ink-Liquid-Lipstick-Swatch-L162-Trendy

The aubergine shade of L162 – Trendy is the ultimate introduction into dark lip colour. A maroon-purple that’s colourful without being too dramatic, this colour also creates the best just-bitten berry lip.


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